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Safety Center Modesto


HHD Safety Center Modesto 2005 Evergreen Ave # 350, Modesto, California 95350 Halfway House Directory

What is a Safety Center Halfway House?

Safety Center Halfway House in Modesto, California, is a non-profit organization that mainly provides treatment services to patients who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems. With the mission of saving patients’ lives, the institute is committed to providing the best healthcare services available. By prioritizing the health and well-being of patients, Safety Center ensures that they feel safe and secure along their road to recovery. Receive the treatment you deserve by booking an appointment today!

Why is Safety Center a good choice for a halfway house for sober living?

Safety Center’s patient-centric approach to treatment has enabled it to deliver quality healthcare treatment among patients continuously. All programs offered are designed around the idea of ensuring that patients get the proper help and support they need to transition towards sober living. By upholding the halfway house rules, patients are in the appropriate environment to start a new life under sobriety. Be part of the change you desire by choosing Safety Center. Start sober living in Modesto, California, now!

What do I need to know before applying for sober living at Safety Center in Modesto, California?

Before being part of Safety Center, you are requested to undergo a diagnosis to determine your eligibility for the rehabilitation services. Upon being diagnosed suffering from the adverse effects of substance abuse and other co-occurring mental health problems, you can register for sober living at Safety Center to receive treatment immediately. Get diagnosed and begin your new chapter in life today! You may visit the Halfway House Directory for more information.

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2005 Evergreen Avenue
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