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It should not be surprising that Arizona was and still is in the midst of a drug epidemic. It is, after all, the gateway of drugs from Mexico to the USA. Being on the southern border, a major percentage of the drugs that come in from Mexican drug cartels get distributed across the country through Arizona.

Being closest to the source, the low cost and high accessibility make it easy for vulnerable Arizonians to get their hands on a variety of drugs.

As a result, it is one of the states that are always on red alert due to their drug abuse problems. In fact, the problem got so out of hand at one point of time that a state emergency had to be declared once in 2017-18. Besides the abuse rate, other statistics like relapse rate and drop rate from rehab centers and halfway houses in Arizona were through the roof.

To make matters worse, the easy availability of drugs has created a drug culture in the state. It has become fashionable for kids as young as 12 or even 10 to experiment with various types of addictive substances.

But it would be wrong to blame the children for this. There are so many families that actually normalize drinking alcohol from a young age.

This often causes children to feel like they have a free pass with drugs too. The rate of reporting or enrolling in rehab centers and halfway homes in Arizona is thus, low too, since most people would rather blame themselves for losing control rather than acknowledging that they have a problem.

This warrants the need for raising awareness among the people and making them understand that halfway homes in Arizona can actually help them and are not shameful to move into in the hopes of a better life.

How Serious is Substance Abuse in Arizona?

A side-by-side comparison of the national and state statistics show that the data for Arizona is above the national average in most cases, be they tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs. Not only that but deaths related to overdose were also higher in Arizona than in the USA and by quite a margin.

The substances that were causing the most nuisance throughout the 2000s and 2010s were prescription opioids. They reigned in terms of drug overdose deaths during the entirety of this period.

The number of deaths related to the overdose of heroin was increasing gradually while those due to synthetic opiates remained mostly steady. This trend was turned on its head in 2017 and 2018, although the indications had started showing in 2016 itself.

Following the national trend, there was a decrease in the abuse and overdose of prescription opioids. However, the abuse of and deaths due to the overdose of synthetic opiates nearly doubled in the 2017-18 period.

Surveys revealed that there were four names that steadily topped the list of favored drugs in the community. These were methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Among the opiates, besides oxycodone and methadone, there was a steep rise in the abuse of fentanyl. It is also interesting to note that the percentage of teenagers in Arizona who actually noted that they needed help for substance abuse but did not receive it in a specialty facility like a halfway home in Arizona, was also greater than the national average.

Why a Halfway Home in Arizona Can Help You?

It is quite clear that there is a huge gap between the number of people in Arizona who need help and that of those who actually get help. The prejudice and shame perpetuated against admission in a rehab center are especially stark in this state.

The fact that substance abuse is all but normalized in Arizonian communities plays a major role in people having a hard time accepting that they need help. Those who do are often ostracized from the community, which pushes them even deeper into the addiction.

A halfway home in Arizona will provide the perfect middle path between the certified help you need and the community support required to rehabilitate into society. Tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse bring with it a host of physical, mental, and emotional damage.

A grave secondary consequence of drug use can be the transmission of diseases like HIV due to shared needles in injectional drug use. Some issues identified during drug abuse assessment like depression and chronic pain can either be a cause or a consequence of the addiction.

A halfway house in Arizona will help you deal with not only the addiction but also these associated problems. Often, the families of addicts also have a hard time leading a normal life in society. It is not just the neglect and distress of dealing with the addict but also fitting in society.

Halfway home impart life skill lessons to addicts to help them learn to live in society after being detached for so long.

How Does a Halfway House in Arizona Provide Help?

Halfway houses provide the perfect setting to overcome your addiction and achieve lifelong sobriety. A rehabilitation center provides the treatment a person needs individually – in a rehab center, it is each for themselves. But a halfway home in Arizona aims to help a person through treatment as well as community support.

Not only does a person gets medical help, but addicts work in groups, setting goals together, and encouraging each other to achieve them. This is far more effective than if a person has to cope with treatment themself and is also better for mental health improvement.

When you join a halfway home in Arizona, you will have to go through an evaluation first. This diagnoses your problems and decides which course of treatment would be best for you. You will then be put on a suitable detoxification program.

Once this has been accomplished, the doctors and therapists work together to undo the damage caused by the addiction. You will be on regular therapy and medications too, if necessary.

Once the doctors determine that you are healthy and ready to return to normal life, the halfway home will put you on a program to relearn the skills necessary for the same. Life skills and job skills will be taught so that you can sustain life independently.

The program does not end with this inpatient phase. Even after the patient is released, they have to come back regularly for outpatient evaluation, to get help, and support and receive therapy.

Finding the Right Halfway House in Arizona

Choosing a halfway house in Arizona that ticks all the required boxes can be difficult. In most cases, the cost of the program will not guarantee its quality. Even at the same price, different halfway houses use different treatments and programs to treat their patients.

Thus, using the number of stars a halfway house has gotten as an indication of their suitability is not feasible in this case. You must review the program they provide, the experience of the in-house professionals, doctors, and counselors and any other personal preferences you may have as the basis for choosing the halfway house in Arizona to get treatment in.

If you feel you are not qualified or fit enough to make this judgment, we advise you to call us for counsel. Our experts will do a basic diagnosis of your problem and help you choose the right halfway house for you or the person you want to help, as the case may be. You can also search for yourself from our extensive list of halfway houses in Arizona to select the right one for you.

Prepare Yourself Before Signing into a Halfway House in Arizona

A will to improve your life is often the only thing needed to get you started on a path of redemption. If you have come so far as to search for halfway houses in Arizona, it means you have identified the presence of the problem and wish to rectify your ways. That is all we need from you.

As long as you keep this will and maintain that hope for a better life, we have got you. All you have to do is take the help of our directories or call us for one-to-one help and we will guide you all the rest of the way.

We will connect you with the right halfway house in Arizona for you and make all preparations for your recovery. All we ask of you is to have faith in the system and the system will give you back your life. Our only aim is to help you reclaim your health and sobriety so that you can start living a wholesome life in society again.

You can call us at our helpline +1-844-678-7386 or email us at for a personal consultation on halfway homes for you. If you feel more comfortable choosing for yourself, you can go through the list of halfway houses in Arizona arranged by location right here on our website. We believe that you have got it in you to get back the healthy life you deserve.

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