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Arkansas is one of those states where substance abuse used to be so rampant that despite seeing a decrease in incidences over the years, most of its indicators record values higher than the national average. Although the rehab centers and halfway homes in Arkansas do receive a fair number of patients, yet, an overwhelming majority of those needing treatment do not receive it.

And even though the number of deaths due to drug abuse has been seesawing for years, the best fit line still had a positive slope. This meant that there was no real long-term improvement in the situation.

It can be quite difficult for rehab centers and halfway homes in Arizona knowing that a majority of the people in need of help go undiagnosed or untreated. It is usually those who get arrested for offenses committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are brought to hospitals due to an overdose that mostly ends up getting treatment.

It is important for the people of Arkansas to understand that they can also choose to get treatment themselves.

The doors of every halfway home in Arkansas is always wide open for those wanting to turn a new leaf in life by getting over their addiction. There are numerous resources out there that they can use, including our directory of halfway houses.

With the Internet, getting into a rehabilitation program for substance abuse disorder has never been easier. You owe it to yourself to get clean and start your life anew.

How Bad is the Substance Abuse Problem in Arkansas?

As we already mentioned, the substance abuse statistics for Arkansas is high enough to stay well above the national average values despite a steady decline over the years. Yet, it equaled the national rate of students that felt the need to get treatment from a rehab center or halfway home in Arizona but did not.

The problem with Arkansas is that a much greater percentage of the youth are struggling with substance abuse than the adult population. The percentage of children below 18 indulging in illicit drug use may be decreasing over the years, but it is still higher than the national average.

The percentage of people between 18 and 25 and those aged 26 and above who use prescription drugs for non-medical uses were also found to be higher than the national average.

It is also interesting to note that doctors in Arkansas are two times more likely to prescribe opioid drugs to the people than the national rate. The drugs most commonly abused in Arkansas are marijuana, amphetamine, prescription drugs, cocaine, and heroin. While marijuana use in Arkansas shows a lower percentage than the national numbers, it is higher for heroin and methamphetamine.

Perhaps the only silver lining in the statistics is that overall, the abuse of prescription drugs and tobacco among the youth seems to be falling.

Also, the percentage of adults actively drinking in Arkansas was lower by a wide margin than the national value. At the same time, the rate of incidences of NAS/NOWS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome/Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome) in live births in Arkansas was also significantly lower than the national rate.

Thus, we can say that despite bleak circumstances, Arkansas is a state whose people show a lot of hope.

What do You Stand to Gain by Getting Admitted in a Halfway House?

The answer to this question is your life. When people first start experimenting with tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, they think that they are just having fun. They think that they will be able to control it. However, addiction does not have an alarm system.

It creeps up on you and before you know it, you are unable to leave the habit. And instead of being able to control yourself, you will find yourself itching to get the next quick fix. Then one day, you will be in the twilight of your life and realize that you have wasted your entire time on the planet and nothing can make up for it.

But more than that, your physical, mental, and social health will have degraded completely. You will be afflicted with numerous conditions, especially nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular, and most of them will be chronic.

You will have developed severe mental health issues too. In most cases, addicts will have lost their families and been pushed to a corner of society. A major percentage of addicts are homeless due to this reason.

But if there is one thing we ardently believe; it is that it is never too late to ask for help. Yes, irreversible damage might have been done, irreparable losses might have been caused, but you can still build a life with what you have.

Joining a halfway house in Arkansas will help you get your life back and rehabilitate back to the community. No matter what your age or condition, you are always welcome.

What Help Will You Receive from a Halfway House in Arkansas?

Halfway houses in Arkansas are manned by top-grade professionals, experienced doctors, and certified therapists and counselors. They are equipped with specialized knowledge and expertise to treat and look after patients with addiction problems.

They understand that different patients have different needs and thus, require a treatment program tailored for their requirements.

The first step of seeking treatment is the acknowledgment that you have an addiction problem and need help. The next step is taking active steps to look for a halfway house in Arkansas that provides addiction recovery programs.

You can do this either yourself by looking up catalogs or websites or by consulting with outfits like ours that will help you connect with the right halfway home for you. Once you have decided on a halfway home, you can attend consultations with doctors and addiction therapists who will diagnose you and decide what kind of treatment you need.

This brings you to the second phase of treatment which is the inpatient program. The first part will involve detoxification to cure the addiction gradually. Once this is over, a treatment pathway will be chosen to help you recover from the physical and psychological damage that the addiction has caused.

Side by side, you will be taking part in numerous group activities and lessons to help you with essential life skills and job skills. These are all meant to you rehabilitate back to society and improve the quality of your sober, independent life.

Once you are actually back in the community, you will still have to take part in the outpatient phase of the program. You will have to come in for regular checks and therapies to ensure that you are staying sober and healthy in all aspects.

How to Decide Which Halfway House in Arkansas to Go to?

This is perhaps the most critical decision of all. We should remind you that it is impossible to judge the suitability of a halfway house based on pricing, rating, or even reviews. The kind of treatment a halfway house provides can differ widely and the above are definitely not the proper indicators to choose which treatment is right for you.

The pattern of the treatment, the methods of the doctor, and the environment of the halfway house in Arkansas should play a far more important role in your decision.

Now all this might seem very overwhelming to you. You might be feeling unsure of your judgment, especially since this is a make-or-break decision. While many may be able to get it right by themselves, others may need help.

That is why we are here. Our addiction experts are always available for you to call and get professional advice from. We will listen to your problem and then walk you through the process of choosing the right halfway house in Arkansas for you and connecting you with them.

Or, if you are confident, you can go through our directory of halfway houses in Arkansas yourself and choose the right one for you.

What You Should Remember as You Admit Yourself in a Halfway House in Arkansas?

Always keep in mind that any addiction recovery and rehabilitation program can only be as successful as you want it to be. Unless you can stay determined throughout the program and not drop out midway, there is nothing anybody can do.

But if you can stay in the halfway house in Arkansas that we choose for you, or you choose for yourself, we can assure successful completion of the program. We also assure you that we will do our utmost to help you recover and maintain your sobriety.

So, if you feel you are ready to take a step in the direction of a healthy and beautiful world, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at +1-844-678-7386. Or, you can get to a computer nearby and mail us at

And if you want to find and contact the halfway house yourself, you can use our directory of halfway houses in Arkansas to help you in your search. Remember, help is always nearby for those who seek it.