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Halfway House Sober Living Rehab Treatment Center Facility Colorado

It would be an understatement to say that Colorado has a substance abuse problem. Every national and state statistics, reports, and lists appear bleak for Colorado. The addiction problem has gone so far for the state that halfway houses in Colorado have a tough time dealing with so many patients who have so many alcohol and drug problems.

Due to the rampant drug use and normalization of alcohol consumption, even after a person has completed treatment in a halfway house in Colorado, it is difficult for them to stay clean.

They are always surrounded by alcohol and drugs and as a result, relapse is all too common. It is even more tragic because the rate of overdose deaths is also extremely high in the state.

However, that does not mean help is not at hand. Consciousness about the drug problem in Colorado has risen over the years, especially after the overdose problem started getting out of hand. Many steps and measures have been taken to bring this serious problem under control. And they have been largely effective too.

The statistics are slowly but surely coming down. One of the things that had a great hand in these good results were the halfway houses in Colorado. Their relentless efforts and rehabilitation programs conducted with great care and dedication have helped hundreds of people return to their lives healthy.

It can only be hoped that as they keep up their good work, more and more people get their lives, their health, and their families back before it gets too late.

How Huge is the Addiction Problem in Colorado?

As we have already stated, Colorado was consistently one of the worst states in the USA when it came to a drug problem. The substance abuse problem started escalating from about the year 2000. From then on, it only got worse and worse.

Within that period, there was a whopping 10,552 deaths due to drug overdose. From the beginning of these 15 years, the rate of deaths due to drug overdose doubled. It started with 7.8 deaths per hundred thousand people in 2000 and rose to a rate of 15.7 deaths per hundred thousand in 2015.

The number of deaths increased every single year in that period except in 2010 and 2012, with the steepest jump being seen from 2014 to 2015. This was probably a repercussion of the drug problem going out of hand in 2013-2014.

During this year, Colorado featured in the national top ten states list for drug use for each of alcohol, marijuana, opioid painkillers, and cocaine. In fact, it was the only state that appeared in all these lists.

That was perhaps the wake-up call for the government as well as rehabilitation centers and halfway houses in Colorado to sit up and start taking more comprehensive steps towards tackling the problem head-on.

And the good news is that these steps are starting to pay off. There has been a steady decline in the rate of increase in deaths due to opioid overdose. In 2018, there was even a decrease in the number of overdose deaths due to opioid abuse.

The number of opioid prescriptions written was also below the national average that year. It can only be hoped that this progress remains steady in the coming years.

How does a Halfway House in Colorado Improve Your Life?

While in the beginning, when your addiction is just starting to take hold of you, you might enjoy the feeling a lot. You might even be wondering about how people get addicted but you seem to be quite in control of yourself.

Unfortunately, addiction is a problem that creeps up on you. You think that you are in control and you will be able to leave the habit any time you want, but before you know it, you will not even be in the position to take that step.

Even when you want to leave it, the severe withdrawal problems that follow make it impossible to stay off the alcohol or drug. And that is exactly where a halfway house in Colorado can help you.

Substance abuse disorder comes not only with the problem of withdrawal symptoms but many other short-term as well as long-term physical, psychological as well as emotional damages.

Chronic cardiovascular problems, respiratory damage, liver damage, kidney damage, nervous system disorders, depression, anxiety, and hallucinations are only a few of the problems that addicted people have to live with.

But when you join a halfway house in Colorado, you get the chance to undo all, or at least most, of these disorders and damages. A halfway home will get rid of your addiction, cure you of as many of your physiological and mental issues as they can, teach you the life skills necessary for rehabilitation, and help you throughout the process of settling back into society as smoothly as possible.

What does a Halfway House in Colorado Do to Help You?

It is a very common saying that half of the problem is solved if you acknowledge and accept it. If you are able to identify that you have an addiction problem, then it means that you are ready to accept help for getting rid of the problem.

It means that you will get in touch with a halfway house in Colorado and get admitted there, where the certified doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists will be able to diagnose your problem and prescribe the right solution to it.

After you get admitted to a halfway house in Colorado, the doctors and therapists will have sessions with you which will help them decide on the right treatments and course of action for you tailored to your problem. After that, you will be put on a detoxification problem, which will help you get over your addiction.

After this is over, you will be put into a holistic program to help cure and reverse the physical and mental problems that resulted from the addiction. You will also be taught essential life skills to help you live independently once you get back to society. Group support programs will teach you communication skills and healthy coping techniques.

Once this inpatient part of the program is over, you are ready to get back into society. But you will be coming back regularly for outpatient treatment and assessments to ensure that you are doing well with your new life and adjusting to sobriety.

How to Identify the Right Halfway House in Colorado for You?

The most critical part of getting treatment for your substance abuse disorder is choosing the right halfway house in Colorado for your rehabilitation program. The renown enjoyed by the center or the cost of the program has nothing to do with whether the rehabilitation program will suit you or not.

Even the best program and top doctors will not be able to help you if the treatment just does not suit you or is not the right one for your addiction. You may be overwhelmed by the number of choices there are and the different kinds of programs that exist. Making the wrong choice is not an option here as this is a life and death situation and you must absolutely get it right.

If you feel any difficulty or confusion in making a choice, feel free to call us anytime you want. We have in-house addiction specialists who have been working in this field for a very long time. These consultants are adept in identifying your problem and helping you guide through the process of choosing the correct halfway house for you.

If you feel embarrassed or awkward to talk to the people at the halfway house and you want us to, we will happily connect you with the people and help you sign up for their program. But if you feel confident, you are free to look through our directory of halfway homes in Colorado yourself. All the centers are sorted and organized to help you locate the one you want instantly.

What to Remember Before Going into a Halfway House in Colorado?

We have told you already how recognizing that you are suffering from a substance abuse problem is half the problem solved. But there is another crucial factor on the path to recovery. This is the dedication to stick to the rehabilitation program and always stay optimistic that things will get better.

You have to look to the bright future that you have as inspiration in the moments when you feel it is getting too hard. The rehabilitation program is only a support system. It can only be as successful as you want it to be.

If you do not take it seriously, you will fail to maintain sobriety and then, it would be wrong to blame the halfway home in Colorado for failing to complete the program. You must have full faith in the system.

So whenever you feel you are ready, give us a call at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at to consult about the halfway home in Colorado that would be right for you. You can also check out our directory yourself to find out the right halfway home for you.

We will be there with you every step of the way.