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What Is a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility?

A halfway house is a temporary residence that assists people in their transition to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. It is also known as a sober living facility or transitional home and is ideally suited for those who have undergone medical detox and/or treatment (if necessary). 

Also known as sober homes, these facilities have differing halfway house rules, and sobriety is a common requirement. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. In-house services may or may not be provided, and they can include such things as group therapy and classes in life skill development.

There are several halfway houses in Colorado. In addition, there are plenty of halfway houses in neighboring regions. And in the lives of people coming out of addiction — whatever their background may be — these sober living facilities play an important role.

The Importance of Halfway Houses in Colorado

Drug overdoses are a leading cause of mortality. The number of deaths related to substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) has at times surpassed the number of deaths related to violence and car accidents. 

Halfway houses play an essential role in solving this issue. They are not a treatment or medical detox center, but they help people regain control of their lives and reintegrate into society.

A halfway house in Colorado was recently in the spotlight after a former resident made a video blog about how much the facility helped him as a former addict. The significance of this emphasizes the kind of work that is carried out in halfway houses in Colorado and neighboring states.

How Do I Find The Best Halfway House Near Me?

It is not difficult to find a halfway house in Colorado. There are a number of sober living facilities to choose from. 

Many of them look like typical homes, and in a way, they are. They are home to people just like you — individuals who require accommodation as they progress toward self-sufficiency. In that regard, sober living homes are a stepping stone.

There is no shortage of halfway houses in Colorado and you will not have trouble finding one. Our compiled selection of reputable sober living facilities will prove itself helpful. Halfway House Directory is a convenient and private way for you to find a transitional living facility nearby. 

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

You have made strides on your journey toward a better life. The fact that you are looking for a halfway house speaks volumes in itself. If you are in Colorado, please do not shy away from contacting one of the sober living facilities listed below. 

Call a few of the sober homes below and ask questions. What are the rules and requirements? What type of residents do they allow in? What in-house services are available, if any?

When you find a sober home that suits your needs, please make sure that you follow all of its halfway house rules. Halfway houses in Colorado have rules in place, and consequences follow if they are violated. Expulsion is not always immediate, but it can and does occur.

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 871 East 1st Street, Akron, 80720

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 6655 West Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, 80232

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 255 Linden Street, Fort Collins, 80524

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 1488 S Kenton St, Aurora, 80012

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 888 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, 80907

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 4952 Raleigh Street, Denver, 80212

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : , ,

Primary Service: Drug and Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Address : 1819 Birch Avenue, Greeley, 80631

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 7108 South Altonway, Centennial, 80112

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 5005 West 81st Place, Westminster, 80031

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