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Halfway House Sober Living Rehab Treatment Center Facility Connecticut

Connecticut is one of those states that are affected by the opioid problem that seems to be spreading like wildfire throughout the USA. The number of people who are getting addicted is only increasing. In some cases, the rise in the numbers is alarming.

The most affected age group is still the adolescents, who are far less mature to identify something that can become a serious problem to them later on.

As a result, they are the easiest and fastest to fall victim to drug use and consequent addiction. Most often, an addiction problem as a young adult translates to an addiction problem as an adult.

What is most tragic is that many of these lives are lost to a lifetime problem of substance abuse disorder or worse, death, because they did not get admitted to a halfway house in Connecticut.

Often, no one helped them to do so when they clearly needed help or stopped them from admitting themselves out of fear or shame Very few people ask for help due to the stigma surrounding drug or alcohol abuse.

But the people with addiction should know that at a halfway house in Connecticut will never judge them for their problem. They would provide full care, support, and guidance in the rehabilitation process and help them get off drugs and clean up their lives.

The halfway houses in Connecticut take the utmost care of their patients and do their best to restore them to social life.

No matter how bad the problem may seem or how hopeless the circumstances look, seeking treatment will help you get back on the track of life and reclaim most of what you lost in the process.

How Severe is the Addiction Issue in Connecticut?

Heroin remains the most serious problem for the residents of Connecticut, followed by marijuana. Cocaine and prescription drugs also consistently feature in the list of most abused drugs in Connecticut. But when it comes to substance abuse, alcohol is still the biggest culprit for Connecticut.

In fact, the largest number of admissions in the halfway houses of Connecticut are there due to the abuse of alcohol and heroin along with another drug. Whereas the second largest cause of admissions is alcohol combined with marijuana.

Fentanyl is also a rising problem in the state. In 2016, the number of deaths due to fentanyl overdose rose to over 33 times the number of deaths in 2012. From 2014 to 2015, there was a 155% increase in the number of overdose deaths.

An interesting trend here is that traditionally, the number of men admitted with a drug problem in a halfway house in Connecticut has always been phenomenally higher than the number of affected women admitted. In 2010, the number of men who joined a rehab program in a halfway home was almost 3 times the number of women that joined.

What was truly worrying was that there also seemed to be a decrease in the number of people getting any treatment too, even though the number of people reported to be struggling with addiction kept increasing. This trend of fewer and fewer people opting for getting help is alarming and something we resolve to reverse.

How can a Halfway House in Connecticut Help You?

A halfway house in Connecticut will give you back your life, in the simplest of terms. Drug addiction can affect your life badly in many different ways. You will develop a host of acute and chronic physical and psychological problems due to substance abuse disorder.

Moreover, serious nervous system problems will also appear and of course, the emotional scars and social stigma that comes with addiction can weaken a person mentally a lot. They often lose the will to live even, and that is the most tragic thing that can happen.

But that is not all. Your family life is also hampered. Households with members having a substance abuse disorder often have a side-by-side history of neglect, abuse, and violence. This results in unnecessary estrangements and trauma that further alienate the addicted person.

At a time when they need help, people go away from them because they are afraid of the bad influence they will be on the rest of society.

This is exactly what halfway houses in Connecticut help a person overcome. They treat and cure the substance abuse disorder of the person and slowly helps them return to society without any of the problems plaguing them.

These halfway homes not only provide a plain rehabilitation program but also give simultaneous mental, physical, and social therapy so that the ability of the person to live a normal life is restored.

What Kind of Treatment Will You Receive in a Halfway House in Connecticut?

Halfway houses in Connecticut have dealt with enough patients to know that not every patient is the same and not every addiction is cured by the same process. That is why after you have connected with a suitable halfway house and enrolled in one of their rehabilitation programs, the first thing that happens is consultation sessions.

These sessions are meant to help the professionals in the center to identify the exact problem you are going through. Addiction specialists identify the substance abuse disorder, doctors diagnose the physical problems while the therapists pinpoint the mental health issues. They then consult with each other and draw up the most appropriate treatment course to suit your case.

Now the real treatment starts. The first step of the process is, obviously, detoxification. This cleans your system of the drug in a manner designed to help you not feel the withdrawal symptoms as harshly as a sudden stopping of the drugs gives. The second step is the treatment of physical problems like respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, and other ailments.

This is followed by therapy, where you are given mental support and courage to fight the addiction. This is accompanied by social therapy that is meant to teach you the skills necessary to have an independent life, like cooking, doing taxes, laundry, and so on. A job skill is taught to ensure that you will get a job and be able to support yourself after the inpatient part of the program is over.

Even after release, you have to keep visiting regularly for the outpatient program. Therapy is continued to ensure that you stay sober and are able to cope with your new, free life, job, and relationships.

How to Find the Perfect Halfway House in Connecticut?

Choosing the right halfway house in Connecticut is crucial for the purpose of smooth rehabilitation. The wrong program can mess you up even more and actually worsen the addiction problem.

Ironically, neither the prestige of the halfway home nor the degrees or experience of the doctors nor its pricing nor good reviews should be the primary criterion when choosing a halfway house for yourself.

The one and the only thing that must influence your decision is the rehabilitation program it offers. A halfway house can be the best in the country but if its program does not suit you, then they can be of no help to you.

If this is making you panic and question your decision, don’t worry. We are here for you. We have consultants at the beck and call of anyone who needs advice regarding halfway homes in Connecticut.

We will listen to your problem and depending on our inference supported by years of experience and training, we will help you choose the halfway home the rehab program for which will be the best for you.

But if you feel like you will be able to take your decision yourself better, then you can go through our exhaustive directory of halfway homes in Connecticut and find the one you need.

What should You Understand before Signing Up in a Halfway House in Connecticut?

Halfway houses in Connecticut are only the medium that will help you go through a rehabilitation program and return to normal life. However, it is still you who is holding the steering wheel of your life. If you suddenly decide it is not worth it, then no rehab program in the world will be able to help you.

You must be a hundred percent determined to take back your life. Only then will the people in the halfway house be able to help, guide, and support you to do so.

If you feel like you are ready to make this happen, we will be more than happy to connect you with the right authorities. You can search through our complete list of halfway homes in Connecticut to decide for yourself which halfway home you want to go to.

But, if you are not feeling so confident, you can always call us at +1-844-678-7386 and talk with our experts to figure it out. Alternatively, you can also email us at to get in touch.

We assure you we will do all we can to help you get your life back on track.