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Halfway Houses in Florida

Like the other southern states in the USA, Florida, due to its location, is a gateway for drugs into the USA and a hub of related criminal activities. Drug trafficking activities are highly active in the state. As a result, the people of Florida are also affected by high addiction and substance abuse percentages.

In fact, halfway homes in Florida have only been seeing an increase in the number of addiction patients they receive every year. We hear more about wild drug-related cases in Florida than in any other state. Needless to say, Florida has a serious problem that requires stringent action to bring under control.

Cracking down on drug dens and trafficking routes will only restrict the entry of the drugs directly into the state. However, it will not stop the substance abuse. There are many other addictive substances and also other ways a person can get their hands over drugs. Truly solving the problem requires the simultaneous mobilization of the halfway homes in Florida.

Rehabilitation centers and halfway homes in Florida need to be given better funds as they work to help the people that are in pain and rejected by society, reclaim their lives. More centers need to be established to tackle the problem and existing ones need to be reinforced for better treatment and facilities.

This is especially true for a state like Florida. The substance abuse problem is too serious here to be ignored. Floridians need all the help that can be spared to ensure that no more lives are lost to the curses of drug addiction and substance abuse.

What Is The Severity Of The Addiction Problem In Florida?

Florida is one of the high alert states in the USA due to its drug abuse problem and consequent crimes. Most of the substance abuse statistics of Florida are marginally or drastically higher than the average American values. In fact, in 2009-10, Florida became the top Pill Mill of the USA.

Yet, alcohol is the most highly abused substance in Florida. The majority of people admitted to halfway homes in Florida are either due to alcohol addiction or addiction to alcohol along with a secondary drug. The leading drugs abused in Florida are heroin and cocaine, although opioids also feature heavily among Floridian addicts.

Prescription opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone usage are high in Florida and increasing rapidly. Most of the deaths due to drug overdose in Florida are due to prescription opioids. Synthetic opioids like fentanyl are often sold in the guise of oxycodone tablets and are a big cause of overdose in the state.

The most serious substance abuse problems among the minors of Florida are alcohol and cocaine, which are higher than the national average. In comparison, marijuana use remains close to the national average value. In 2014-15, Florida saw the largest increase in drug overdose deaths in the country at 22.7%.

However, what gives hope is that the number of people getting admitted to rehabilitation programs is also increasing. Opioid addiction, which is the major cause of drug-related deaths, has seen a steep rise in the number of people opting for treatment. But alcohol addiction treatment still has the largest numbers in Florida due to sheer volume.

How Does A Halfway House In Florida Change Your Life?

One of the reasons why battling your addiction while staying in the midst of society is difficult and often impossible is that you will still be in the proximity of drugs. As a result, you might not be able to curb your temptation, even more so because your mental strength is at a weak point. Relapse becomes extremely common.

Moreover, just leaving your drug habit is not enough. You also need to recover from the physical, mental, and emotional damage that the addiction has caused you. Rehabilitating and living an independent life require relearning social and essential life skills too.

On top of that, stopping the use of drugs abruptly, which most people want to do when trying to undergo self-recovery, can give rise to severe withdrawal symptoms. Without detoxification, they can fall seriously ill and relapse into drug use. The pain can also cause them to hurt the family members or friends who are around them all the time.

That is why rehabilitation is not possible alone. You need to be in the neutral environment of a rehabilitation center or halfway home in Florida to fully give up drugs. A halfway home provides a supportive environment free of all stimulus that is conducive to a complete and holistic recovery from your substance abuse disorder.

Joining a rehabilitation program in a halfway home or rehab center in Florida will help you get over your addiction in a healthy and constructive way. They provide support throughout the treatment and even after. You are much more likely to achieve success through them than by yourself.

How Does a Halfway House In Florida Provide Treatment?

Halfway homes in Florida follow a sequential process to provide systematic treatment to addicts. They always start with consultation sessions with doctors and therapists that are meant to diagnose your exact issue and the damage it has caused. They also help to decide exactly what kind of rehab program would be most effective for you.

This is followed by the detoxification process. Through gradual chemical treatment, your body is made accustomed to living without the drug. It ensures minimum withdrawal symptoms as it does so.

This is followed by a lengthy period of physical and psychological therapy. Drug addiction can cause a range of chronic mental and physical problems, many of which are often permanent. This part of the inpatient program works to cure you of these problems as much as possible and restore your body to full health as much as possible.

This is followed by social rehabilitation training. The recovering addicts participate in support groups that help patients recover faster through community goals. The addicts are also taught life skills like cooking, budgeting, taxes, etc., as well as vocational skills to ensure that they will be able to support themselves independently when they go back to living alone in society.

After this, the outpatient patient part of the program commences. After an addict is released from the program, the first year is extremely critical as this is when the chances of relapse are the greatest. So, the patient must keep coming back for regular assessment and therapy to ensure they stay sober.

How Will You Decide Upon The Right Halfway House In Florida?

Battling drug addiction is never something you prepare yourself for, whether it is you yourself who is suffering or it is a friend or family member. That is why it will be difficult for you to make a decision yourself. You might not be confident about which halfway house in Florida is the right one for you or the loved one.

Making the wrong decision, in this case, can be a life-or-death situation. The wrong rehabilitation program can ruin a person’s life just as the right one can help them successfully rebuild their lives. Making the right decision is of the utmost importance here.

Moreover, one rehabilitation program is not effective for everyone. Some things may work for one person but can totally mess up another. Instead of going by money or the ostentatious advertisements, you will have to judge carefully what works for you. Do not take another person’s advice and believe that it will work just as well for you.

That is why, if you are not sure what to do, you can always give us a call or write to us. Our addiction specialists are always available to listen to your issue, diagnose your addiction, and recommend the right halfway house for you. They will even connect you with that halfway house in case you are not able to yourself for whatever reason.

Otherwise, if you trust your own judgment, you can always check out our exhaustive directory of halfway houses in Florida. They are arranged by location to make it easy for you to search. You will find all the details you need in there.

What Should You Know When You Join A Halfway House In Florida?

If you have recognized that you have an addiction problem and have made up your mind to seek treatment, then you have already started up on your journey towards recovery. The halfway houses in Florida are all the best in the state and provide assured treatment and guaranteed recovery to the patients who enroll in their program. All you have to do is stay determined and work through the program towards your dream of a healthy life.

If you are looking for the right halfway house for yourself, you can give us a call at +1-844-678-7386 to talk to our experts. You can also mail us at if you feel more comfortable with it. All you need to do is take the first step and we will help you through the rest.

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