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Halfway Houses in Idaho

The drug problem in Idaho is hard to put into any category. It is one of the states that does not really fall in the list requiring immediate attention, but the drug problem is not insignificant or non-existent here either. The rate of drug use and overdose deaths is definitely increasing, but not at the alarming rate that some other states show.

The age group most afflicted by the drug addiction problem in Idaho is the adolescent people between 12 and 17 years of age. This is understandable, as this is the age group that is most gullible, lacks impulse control the most, and can be easily influenced. In fact, this is pretty much the trend everywhere else in the world too.

Unfortunately, not all who need help end up getting it. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are struggling with substance abuse disorder, yet only a few thousand end up getting admitted to a halfway house in Idaho and receiving the help they need. The majority of these people keep struggling with addiction all their lives as a result.

Perhaps, the only factor that is aggravating the problem is the fact that the number of rehab centers and halfway houses in Idaho is too low, which means treatment is not nearby and sometimes, not even accessible to everyone either.

However, the good news is that with rising awareness, the number of these treatment facilities is also increasing. Hopefully, a day will come when every single person who has an addiction problem gets to ask for and get the help they need from a halfway house in Idaho and is able to lead a happy life from then onwards.

What Is The Addiction Scenario In Idaho?

Overall, Idaho does not have shocking values when it comes to any kind of substance abuse. Most of the drug use rates were the same as the national average, and even when they were higher or lower, it was by a close margin. The story is the same for all commonly abused substances like alcohol, marijuana, opiates, etc.

Marijuana is the most abused drug among the people of Idaho. Most of the people who got admitted to halfway houses in Idaho for drug addiction treatment were for marijuana abuse. As with the general substance abuse trend in Idaho, the greatest number of people admitted were in the 12-17 age group.

However, the substance which is most abused in Idaho and for which most people seek rehabilitation therapy is alcohol. Most of the people who get admitted to rehabilitation centers and halfway houses in Idaho for alcoholism are for alcohol abuse only, while the rest are for abuse of a secondary drug along with alcohol.

Amphetamines are also a serious problem in Idaho, but the trend associated with its abuse is slightly different from the addiction trends for the other drugs commonly used in Idaho. For one, the number of men and women using amphetamines is comparable where men usually hold much greater percentages for other substances abused. Also, the maximum people using amphetamines lie in the 26-30 age group instead of the adolescent age group.

The number of drug overdose deaths fluctuates a lot through the years, but the general trend has been on increase. The exact classification is hard to obtain as an ample number of cases, more than one drug was responsible for the OD death. What is a truly scary statistic though is that the rate of opioid prescriptions given in Idaho is almost 20% more than the average value for the entire country.

How Will A Halfway House In Idaho Do You Good?

Substance abuse disorder is one of the most excruciating afflictions that a person can experience. Drugs and alcohol only give temporary relief; once the effect is over, they only cause a lot of pain and discomfort. And this is only the short-term effect.

Continued substance abuse has a multitude of long-term effects, most of which are chronic and permanent. Drug and alcohol abuse affect your lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, circulatory system, senses, and so on. They also affect your nervous system, causing slow reflexes, reduced cognitive ability, lowered focus, and impaired judgment.

There are serious implications for the mental health of the addict too. Some of the psychological ill-effects of prolonged substance abuse are depression, anxiety, paranoia, manic behavior, violent and abusive tendencies, etc. These not only damage the mental and emotional health of the addict but also causes trauma to their friends and family members.

Not to mention the fact that the life of the addict might also be in danger. Not only is there the chance of death or a permanent condition due to drug overdose, but lowered reflexes can also make the person more prone to accidents and injuries. That is why an addict needs to go for rehab treatment.

The halfway houses in Idaho have some of the best doctors, psychiatrists, and addiction therapists in the country. They have dedicated their lives to treating addiction patients to help them get over their substance abuse disorder. They know how to guide a patient through recovery and ensure that the addiction does not relapse and pull the patient into addiction again.

What Is The Treatment Provided At a Halfway House In Idaho?

Rehab centers and halfway houses usually follow a certain sequence for all their addiction treatment programs. While the program is customized to accommodate the needs and the addiction type of each patient, a certain path must always be followed to increase the chances of success. The halfway houses of Idaho are no different.

The first step in the process is making the correct diagnosis. After a patient contemplating therapy contacts the halfway house, the doctors schedule consultations of the person with the addiction experts. They diagnose the patient and prescribe the most suitable rehab program for them.

The actual rehabilitation treatment starts with detoxification, which helps to get rid of the addiction, i.e. the urge for the drug, without causing severe withdrawal symptoms. Once this is over, the patient enters a recovery program that is meant to cure them of all the physical and mental ailments that have caught on over the years of drug abuse.

While they are not always completely curable due to extensive damage, doctors try to restore the health of the patient as much as possible.

Next comes the actual step to help in social rehabilitation. This is accomplished with the help of extensive therapy, both individual and group. Besides that, the person is also given some form of vocational training so that they can hold a job after release. They are also taught life skills to help them lead their life independently.

After release from the rehab center, the person is allowed to live independently in the community. However, they must keep attending regular therapy sessions as part of their outpatient program. This is to ensure that they are doing well and not going to relapse, and provide support as they adapt themselves to a healthy lifestyle again.

How To Decide The Right Halfway House In Idaho For You?

Deciding upon a halfway house can be a tricky task. Many prefer to attend a program in a center close to their home address or that of a loved one. Cost is also a deciding factor when zeroing in upon a suitable halfway house.

But these are only just secondary factors. What is most important is that the treatment should suit the persona and help him successfully recover from and overcome the addiction. Getting admitted to the wrong program can actually do more harm than good for the person.

A rehabilitation program and addiction therapy are not a generic process. It differs from person to person, as every addict has different addictions, issues, and needs. Applying the same therapy on everyone will not work, which is why it is so important to make the right choice when it comes to halfway houses.

If you are not feeling very confident in your judgment, you can always contact us for expert advice. We always have professional addiction experts on call to talk to you. Based on your addiction problem, they will help you choose the halfway house in Idaho the rehab program for which best suits your case.

In case you want to make your own decision, you can consult the extensive directory we have compiled of all the halfway houses in Idaho, as for every other state in the USA. You will find all the details you need as well as contact details on our website itself, which is quite convenient.

What You Should Understand Before Joining A Halfway House In Idaho?

We are here to help you choose the right halfway house and establish the necessary contact with them. The halfway house is there to provide you the treatment you need for recovery and the therapy you need to overcome your addiction. But, at the end of the day, if you do not have the conviction and will to complete the program, nothing we do can help you.

If you are determined to pick up your life and improve it, then we are here for you. Just call us at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at to get the help you need to join a halfway house in Idaho. We can guarantee you that once you take this one step, your life will only keep on improving.

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