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It would be wrong to say that the drug abuse scenario in Indiana is out of hand. The statistics for Indiana are pretty much the same as the national statistics. But it would also be misleading to say that that is good news. This is because the numbers for the whole country itself are quite disheartening.

There is one thing that is quite strange about the substance abuse scenario in Indiana. This is that unlike in most states, it is not just the people in the adolescent age group that are overwhelmingly in trouble. Besides the youngsters, middle-aged people are also equally suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Also anomalous is the fact that while the overall admissions in halfway homes in Indiana register about double the number of men as the number of women. Yet, as the age bracket increases, the gap gets smaller. By the age group of the 40s, the number of addicted men and women are nearly equal.

What is unfortunate is that not even one-third of the people who need comprehensive treatment receive it, and as a result, the rate of relapse among the population is also higher than expected. A large number of these relapse cases are due to the fact that people end up in treatment centers that are not right for them.

That is why it is so important to make sure that the people suffering from drug abuse gets admitted to the right halfway homes in Indiana only. Otherwise, it could do them way more harm than good.

Why Is Drug Addiction A Problem In Indiana?

Surprisingly, alcohol is not the most abused substance in Indiana. There was a point of time when the percentage of alcohol abusers were also quite high. But the number started decreasing recently among adolescents in recent times. Many might think this is a good sign, but in fact, it is not.

The decline in the percentage of alcohol abusers was connected directly with the rise in the number of marijuana abusers. This started simultaneously with the drive for the legalization of marijuana. It is easy to infer that the teenagers were obviously convinced that marijuana was the lesser of the two evils between it and alcohol.

Most people who got admitted to halfway houses in Indiana were for marijuana abuse. After that, prescription drugs were the second-most abused substance. The demographic which was the largest abusers of prescription drugs was the young adults, specifically those under 30. Also, women formed the majority of the abusers.

However, the number of deaths related to the overdose of prescription opioids is decreasing. However, that of synthetic opioids and heroin remain the same. Heroin addiction was a growing problem in Indiana. Some cities even registered a 300% increase in heroin abuse in Indiana.

The other major drug that is abused in Indiana is cocaine. The age group that abused it the most were older adults, with a nearly 50-50 male to female ratio. One frightening issue with the drug abuse situation in Indiana is that majority of the people get exposed to drugs and consequently, addicted to it as a teenager.

Why Will Joining A Halfway House In Indiana Be Good For You?

Many people have, over the years, tried to get over their addiction by themselves and most of them have failed. Those who did succeed had to go through immense pain due to withdrawal symptoms.

The only way to do it scientifically and more comfortably is through treatment at a halfway house or rehab center. This is because the people at the halfway homes not only provide proper detoxification and recovery treatments, they also treat you for the ailments that resulted from the addiction. Moreover, they also provide therapy to help with life after rehabilitation.

Also, halfway houses provide addicts with the right environment to help get over their addiction for good. If a person does try to give up the use of drugs themselves, most of the time they fail simply because of the fact that they are still in the environment where they are exposed to drugs.

It is also true that drug addicts are mentally weak and leaving drugs puts huge stress on them. This is on top of the mental illnesses that also come with having an addiction problem, like depression and anxiety. Other than overdose, suicide from such problems is a major cause of loss of life among addicts, something that halfway houses handle more expertly and prevent.

The halfway houses in Indiana are all staffed by some of the best doctors and psychiatrists of the country. They are all highly trained to deal with all kinds of addictions and provide the treatment addicts need to give up the habit and recover completely. That is why it is in your best interest to get admitted to a halfway house to get rid of your addiction.

What Is The Treatment Procedure At A Halfway House In Indiana?

Halfway houses in Indiana follow a strict protocol and sequence of treatment for every addict they receive, which is congruent with the general procedure all over the country. Any addict who calls or contacts for the treatment program is first called in for consultations. These are meant to help diagnose the issue accurately so that a tailored program can be drawn for the patient.

Once the program is decided, treatment starts with detoxification. This process helps the body to get accustomed to working without the drug without causing severe withdrawal symptoms. This is followed by the physical treatment phase. In this part of the inpatient program, an ex-addict is treated for the many physical ailments and damages that the drug has caused.

Once this part is over, mental therapy starts. The patient has to attend counseling sessions, which not only address their mental health issues but also teach healthy coping mechanisms once the patient starts living on their own. Besides that, the patient may also attend group therapy to reteach social skills and accustom them to living among people.

The patient is also taught essential life skills so that they can live alone without foundering at each step. Adult ex-addicts also get some kind of vocational training based on their interest and skill. This is to help them achieve financial independence when they start living alone.

After this, the patient is released if they pass the program and are certified healthy and sober. They only need to come in for regular therapy sessions. This outpatient program is necessary to not only ensure that the person is staying drug-free but also to provide mental support in their daily life.

How To Decide Which Halfway House In Indiana Is Right For You?

All halfway houses in Indiana are top-class and the best in the business. But not all of them will be right for you. This is a very important point that every person looking to get admitted or to admit someone must understand. A halfway house is only good for an addict if their rehabilitation program is right for them.

Cost is also not a deciding factor here, as many expensive programs exist that, due to being a bad fit for the patient, can actually cause more harm than good. Since individual programs suit people differently, reviews and recommendations hardly ever mean anything. Good reviews are only an indication that the program suited that person well, not that it will suit you too.

That is why you must keep your own problem and your own needs in mind when making a choice. If you are not comfortable or certain about the program in a halfway house or rehab center, we will advise you to not go for it. In fact, the pre-treatment consultations are meant to help you understand what the program entails and if it is right for you.

But it is not unnatural either to be unsure of what is right for you. That is why we have the facility of counsel if you need it. You can call or contact us at any time you want and talk to our addiction experts, who will understand your problem and help you locate the most suitable halfway house for you.

But if you want to make the decision yourself, feel free to browse our extensive directory of halfway houses in Indiana and find the right one for you. You will find any detail you need to help make your decision right here on the website.

How To Prepare Yourself Before Joining A Halfway House In Indiana?

A halfway house does all it can to help you overcome your addiction and get back to normal life. But they also require that you stay determined to get better. If you give up, there is nothing they can do. You must be prepared to go through with the treatment for it to succeed.

We, in turn, can help you find the perfect halfway house in Indiana that will help you with your rehabilitation. All you have to do is call us at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at and we will immediately make it our goal to help you out. Or you can choose the appropriate halfway house in Indiana by yourself from our lists. Either way, all we want is for you to get better.


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