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Halfway House in Kansas

The people of Kansas are facing a serious substance abuse problem. This is quite different from what most other states in the USA that are suffering a drug addiction epidemic usually go through. This is because Kansas does not have an ongoing drug problem but rather a slowly shifting one.

The most serious substance abuse disorder that the halfway homes in Kansas were facing in the 90s was that of alcoholism. But as the decade passed and the 2000s rolled in, fewer and fewer people were coping with an alcohol abuse problem. They had gradually shifted from alcohol to abusing drugs instead.

This was quite evident from the reason most people gave for getting admitted to halfway homes in Kansas. However, one of the best news for Kansas is that it has admirably brought its drug problem under control and is now one of the lowest ranking states in terms of drug abuse. In most of the drug-related categories, it has some of the lowest numbers in the country among the other states.

Of course, that does not mean that it is entirely clean and should not be given attention to. The drug problem might have been largely on the decline in Kansas for the last few years, but it has started to rise again. This means that the old methods used to control addiction and drug trafficking in the state are starting to be rendered ineffective.

Also, an issue in Kansas is the greater incidences of drug-related crimes and gang violence. This is one of the most apparent examples of how drug abuse can cause behavioral degeneration among people. The halfway houses in Kansas are thus also dedicated to providing all-round therapy to help a person not just give up their addiction but also to deal with their psychological health.

What Is The Drug Addiction Problem In Kansas?

We have already mentioned that Kansas features quite low in the list of states in the USA in terms of a veritable substance abuse issue. While the national average percentage for drug abuse was 8 percent, for Kansas, it was 7 percent. It is the 4th lowest state in the country in terms of drug abuse, trafficking, and related crimes.

Alcohol abuse was the biggest problem in the 90s in Kansas but it reduced greatly throughout the decade. A surprising trend is that there were more people in halfway houses in Kansas for alcoholism combined with the abuse of a secondary drug than there were for an alcohol abuse problem only. The other glaring issue was the overwhelmingly larger percentage of men who suffered from substance abuse disorder.

The drugs that are causing the most problem in Kansas are amphetamines, especially methamphetamine. It is not the most highly abused drug in Kansas, but its use has been steadily escalating over the years. More meth labs are being raided each year than the year before.

But the winner of the drug abuse problem in Kansas is marijuana. Marijuana remains the most cited drug by addicts who get admitted to halfway houses in Kansas. Another commonly abused drug in Kansas is cocaine.

Opiate abuse is quite common in Kansas too. However, the abuse of synthetic opiates has been on the decline because people are turning to the cheaper alternative of heroin. The abuse of prescription drugs is rising by leaps and bounds in Kansas too, which is indicated by the increasing number of people going to rehab for it and also the much higher rate of making opioid prescriptions in Kansas.

What Benefits Will Addict Have For Joining A Halfway House In Kansas?

It is quite evident that just because there are lesser cases related to drug abuse in Kansas does not mean there is a lesser need for halfway houses in Kansas. In fact, one of the factors that are keeping the drug problem low in Kansas is the halfway houses and rehab centers doing such great work. Otherwise, the problem would have been much worse.

Drug abuse is not an isolated issue in itself. It brings with it a large number of other physical and mental symptoms. These can cause permanent damage to the mind and body of the addict, to the point that it becomes irreversible. But, if arrested early by joining a rehab program in a halfway house, you can regain your health completely.

Some of these problems include ailments of the heart and lung, nervous system, circulatory system, kidneys, chronic pain, etc. Mental problems that might show up are depression, anxiety, mania, paranoia, cognitive degeneration, memory problems, lowered reflexes, etc. The addict will also have to deal with emotional problems.

These are not symptoms that will disappear just like that if you stop using the drug yourself. They require prolonged treatment and therapy. Besides that, trying to leave your addiction will also result in you experiencing severe withdrawal problems that are uncomfortable at best and outright painful at the worst.

But when you tackle your addiction through a halfway house, they wean you off your addiction medically through detoxification. They also treat you for your drug-related illnesses. Thus, the process is much smoother and less painful for you.

How Does A Halfway House In Kansas Treat You?

While every patient is different and the best way to treat them is to prescribe a procedure tailored to their needs and problems, there still has to be a uniformity in the process. This is because, in drug addiction, the only way to effectively cure a person is to first get rid of the addiction first, then treat their physical ailments. Once they are recuperating, they will have to be given therapy for their mental health.

So, when you first contact one of the halfway houses in Kansas, the doctors will ask you to come in for a consultation. In this, they will diagnose your addiction and decide the right rehabilitation program for you. They will then admit you for the inpatient program.

This starts with the detoxification process. The purpose of this is to glean the addiction to the drug of your body and brain. This is followed by medical therapy for healing your body. Once you are almost back to normal, you will be started on your counseling sessions.

Besides that, group therapy may also be recommended for you to regain your social skills. You will also be taught essential life skills like cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and taxes, and a vocational skill if you are an adult so that you can live independently after release. You will still have to come in for regular outpatient therapy sessions to ensure you are doing well.

Which Halfway House In Kansas Should You Choose?

Choosing the right one among all the options of halfway houses in Kansas that you have can be tough. This is not like choosing a hotel or a vacation spot, where you will look for where you will enjoy the most. This is a serious decision with many considerations that have real repercussions.

Many people make the mistake of choosing a rehab center which has the costlier programs. Price does not at all decide the suitability of a rehab program for an addict. It should only be a minor factor when looking for the right halfway house.

A renowned halfway house may also not have what the addict needs. Reviews and references can be misleading as those people will only be talking about how the halfway house helped them. It is not an indication of how it will be able to help you or if it is the right one for you.

Only you or a loved one can be the best judge in this case. Research well about the kind of program they offer and decide if it would be the right one for you or not. You can go through our long list of all the best halfway houses in Kansas and use the details provided on the website to help you make the choice.

You also have the option of calling us if you are not feeling confident about making a decision yourself. Our addiction consultants will listen to your problem and accordingly, help you decide which halfway house would be appropriate for you. They will also put you in contact with them if you so need.

What Joining A Halfway House In Kansas Entails?

Joining a rehab program in one of the halfway houses in Kansas means that you have taken the decision to get clean and turn your life around. While making the decision takes a lot of courage, it takes, even more, to stick to it. You will have to be determined to get sober if you expect the rehab program to be effective.

If you have made up your mind, then you should call us at +1-844-678-7386 or mail us at to find the right halfway house to oversee your recovery. Once you set out on this path, we guarantee that only good things are waiting for you.

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