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Kentucky has consistently remained a ‘problem state’ when it comes to drug abuse. The state has been consistently seeing shockingly high numbers for drug abuse statistics, way higher than the averages of the country. The authorities have been trying for decades to bring the raging drug trafficking and distribution market of the state under control, and while it is working very slowly, the numbers are still way too high.

This is evident in the abnormally large percentage of the population who get admitted to halfway houses in Kentucky every year. Despite that, Kentucky has consistently been one of the states with the highest percentage of the population that needs or wants help but does not get it. This is perhaps the most unfortunate thing any drug addict can face.

One of the things about Kentucky is that it presents a drug abuse problem in nearly every category of commonly abused drugs. It is easy to obtain and distribute drugs in Kentucky, and the demand for them is also high. This keeps the problem alive and makes it difficult to tackle it.

Even though the number of halfway houses in Kentucky has increased greatly over the years, it has failed to solve the problem of widespread drug addiction among the people of Kentucky. The lack of awareness and drive among the people is one of the reasons to which this can be attributed. There are options for treatment but people just do not avail them.

The people of Kentucky need to understand that doing drugs will only make their lives worse. They should try to educate people about the bad effects of addiction and admit those in need of help to good halfway houses in Kentucky. Along with the authorities, they should also take part in the welfare of the state in this manner.

How Has Drug Addiction Become An Epidemic In Kentucky?

Synthetic opiates are the most serious problem in Kentucky. Over a quarter of all the admissions in the halfway houses in Kentucky are due to the abuse of opiates. Prescription drugs are the easiest source of these drugs. In fact, in 2018, there were 79.5 prescriptions for opioid drugs made in Kentucky per 100 people compared to the national average of 51.4.

This number, of course, does not even include heroin. Hydrocodone and oxycodone remain the most abused drugs in this category. In fact, some of the counties of Kentucky are leaders in narcotic pain medication prescriptions in the entire country. Prescription opioid-related overdose deaths increased from 2017 to 2018 and synthetic opioid-related deaths maintained its high rate of 17.9.

Alcohol is the second-most abused substance in Kentucky, abused either by itself or with a secondary drug. The third-most abused drug is marijuana. In fact, marijuana is so commonly abused in Kentucky that Kentucky constitutes one of the five states that form the “Marijuana Belt” of the USA.

Cocaine is one of the most readily available drugs in Kentucky, and hence it is highly abused too. In recent times, heroin, too, has become a serious problem, even though its abuse was decreasing for some time. After the fentanyl, heroin is the largest cause of overdose deaths in Kentucky.

Amphetamines, especially meth, are a serious problem mostly in the rural parts of Kentucky. The rate of abuse of both meth, as well as crystal meth, has been increasing rapidly over the years. This can be attributed to the large number of meth labels that have cropped up all over the state.

Why A Halfway House In Kentucky Is The Best Option?

It is true that drugs give you a temporary high that seems like the most wonderful feeling in the world. However, that feeling is, after all, temporary, and soon, the person has to face the real world. After a high, the hangover is uncomfortable and painful.

In fact, that pain and discomfort is the reason addicts keep running for the next fix. They keep building a resistance to the drug, as a result of which they want to keep increasing the amount of drug they take. Sooner or later, if they are not stopped, they will take such a high amount that they will inevitably suffer an overdose.

This is why it is important to take the addict to a rehab center or halfway house as soon as possible after detecting the addiction. They need therapy not just for the addiction but also the host of physical and mental problems that plague a person due to their addiction.

Halfway houses in Kentucky will help these people overcome their addiction in time before they throw away their entire lives. It is true that it appears like the people of the state are reluctant to take the help of the halfway houses in Kentucky to help those in need of rehabilitation. But they must understand that this is the only scientifically sound way to solve addiction.

These halfway houses and rehab centers will help the person get over their addiction as comfortably as possible. They will also help the person recover from the many ailments that have racked their body. They will help reincorporate the person back to society seamlessly and make them healthy and independent.

What Is The Treatment Procedure Of A Halfway House In Kentucky?

The treatment procedure of any halfway house starts right after you contact them for help. They will ask you to come in for a consultation with their addiction expert to ascertain the exact drug abuse problem that you are facing. This diagnosis is then used to draw up a personalized treatment plan tailored to the needs of the person.

Once the person is admitted to one of the halfway houses in Kentucky, the first step in their treatment would be detoxification. This step is extremely important as it medically acclimatizes the person’s body to do without the drug. After this step is over, the person gets treatment for the myriad physical ailments that have damaged their body.

This part of the treatment takes a long time, but once it is near completion, the patient starts psychological therapy. This helps prepare the person for a life of sobriety and deal with any of the issues that contributed to the addiction. The person may also be given group therapy support which is meant to help the person learn to interact normally with people again and achieve their sobriety goals faster.

The person also gets coaching lessons for life skills like taxes, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and laundry to ensure that they will be able to live independently after the program is over. They may also be taught vocational skills according to their interest and skill. This is to make sure that the person will be able to get a job and sustain themself in society.

The program does not technically end after the person is released. They still have to come for the outpatient part of the program. These constitute therapy sessions to ensure that the person stays clean and to provide them support and guidance in the process.

Which Halfway House In Kentucky Is Right For You?

Choosing a halfway house can be a difficult task. After all, it is not something people do every day. It requires a lot of sound judgment and research skills to ensure that the halfway house you are choosing will actually be able to help the person.

Ranking lists for halfway houses in Kentucky are not of much help. This is because the factors that are taken into account when creating those lists are immaterial when you consider the needs of the person who will be receiving treatment. Reviews will get you nowhere since they are given by other people according to how it helped them, not you.

Do not be fooled by the price of the program either. There are tons of rehab programs that are pricey but will not benefit the person because the method used is not right for them. A low-priced halfway home may turn out more suitable.

At the end of the day, the decision will have to be yours. We can only help you make it. If you need our help, you can call us any time you want. Our specialists will talk to you and diagnose your problem so that they can suggest a good halfway house in Kentucky for you.

If you want, we will also put you in contact with that place and guide you through the admission. You can also go through our directory to choose a halfway house on your own. All the ones on the list are the best in Kentucky, and you will find all the details to help you choose the right one from there yourself.

What Do You Need To Remember While Joining A Halfway House In Kentucky?

When you join a halfway house, you must remember that following through with the program is of utmost importance for it to be effective. You cannot expect success if you do not take it seriously. With your full blessing and the help of whichever among the halfway houses in Kentucky you choose, you will be able to achieve sobriety and health.

So call us at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at to find the right halfway house in Kentucky for you. We hope that you will get clean soon and be able to stay that way for a long, happy, and healthy life.


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