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Halfway Houses in Louisiana

There was a time when Louisiana was doing quite well in terms of bringing the drug abuse problem in the state under control. During the transition of the decade through 2010, it had achieved record low values for the drug abuse rate of the residents of Louisiana. However, as the decade progressed, around midway through, it started to rise again.

Today, Louisiana is one of the worst-off states when it comes to drug addiction. The opioid epidemic affected the people of Louisiana in large sweeps. Even if opiates are not brought into the picture, Louisiana is struggling with other kinds of drugs too. It also has a bad record of alcohol abuse which only seems to be getting worse.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like the people of the state are getting the help they need. An extremely low percentage of the people struggling with an addiction problem get admitted to halfway houses in Louisiana. As a result, the drug abuse problem in Louisiana only seems to be getting worse with time.

In fact, Louisiana has come to feature at the upper part of the list of states with the worst drug abuse problem in the country. The problem had gotten so bad at one point that the authorities had to legalize the over-the-counter sale of naloxone, the most popular and effective detoxification medicine, again. Before that, only the doctors at the rehab centers and halfway houses in Louisiana could prescribe it in the case of a drug overdose.

The halfway houses in Louisiana are trying their best to give help to as many people who need it as possible. It is due to their efforts that at least some of the people with addiction are getting the treatment they need. As long as people keep reaching out for help, they will keep on saving and restoring lives.

How Is Drug Addiction Growing In Louisiana?

To understand how bad it is in Louisiana, all you need to know is that it made to the top ten list for the highest drug abuse rate for several drugs. This includes alcohol too, although the number of people reporting to halfway houses in Louisiana for alcohol abuse has been reducing over the years. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of an increase in the number of people who abuse other substances, especially opiates and amphetamines.

Marijuana abuse is the most widespread in the state. The number of people who got admitted to halfway houses in Louisiana for marijuana addiction was greater than the combined numbers for alcohol, heroin, and cocaine in 2015. Most of the people abusing marijuana were in the adolescent teenagers’ age group.

The second-most abused category of drugs in Louisiana is opiates and opioids. In the four-year span from 2012 to 2016, the rate of overdose deaths due to heroin became almost double and that due to opioids became almost quadruple. Opioid prescription drugs, to this day, remains the largest contributor to deaths due to drug overdose.

This can be attributed to the massively high rate of making prescriptions for opioid drugs. In 2015, the rate of writing opioid prescriptions rose to an all-time high of 103.2 per 100 people. This means one person asked got more than one prescription made for them. This number did fall to 79.4 in 2018, but it was still huge compared to the national average of 51.4 and took Louisiana up to the top five list of states for opioid prescriptions in the USA.

Heroin and amphetamine usage are now rising trends in Louisiana. They have been replacing alcohol dependence gradually, especially due to their growing availability and reducing cost in the state. The other major abused drug in Louisiana is cocaine, with crack cocaine being the most used form.

Why Is A Halfway House In Louisiana Your Best Bet?

It is quite evident that the drug problem in Louisiana, though not out of hand yet, is growing alarmingly fast. The young population, unsurprisingly, remains the most vulnerable to drug abuse. It is quite clear that only passing laws and increasing security is not going to solve the problem.

Children need to be taught the bad effects of taking drugs. Alongside this, the kids who have fallen into the habit needs to be given the right kind of help they need. This is only possible if they are admitted to halfway houses in Louisiana for guided treatment and therapy.

Halfway houses and rehab centers know the right way to get an addict out of their addiction. They will also help the addict to regain their health and mental strength while teaching them how to combat future temptation and stay sober. These places have qualified doctors and therapists who know what they are doing.

It is true that many people would think that it is a good idea to try and get rid of the habit themselves. It is also true that some people do succeed, but what they have to go through to do so without professional help is not worth it. Not only will they go through severe withdrawal symptoms, but if they fail, they will fall even harder into the addiction.

In contrast, halfway houses follow a proven medical method to get the addiction off, which has exponentially greater chances of success. They also treat the addict for the physical and mental illnesses that they develop due to the addiction. The kind of holistic help that an addict will get at a rehab center will never be possible at home.

How Is Treatment Provided In A Halfway House In Louisiana?

Halfway houses in Louisiana, like every other, has a certain sequence that they follow when treating a patient for addiction. This is the most successful, effective, and assured way to help a patient get over their addiction. Of course, depending on the patient, the method is tailored to suit their requirements and specific problem.

That is why the very first thing that the halfway house does is to call the person in for a consultation. An addiction specialist talks with the addict to precisely diagnose their exact substance abuse disorder and related symptoms. On the basis of that, a proper treatment plan is drawn up.

Accordingly, the very first step involves the detoxification of the patient. This is to help the patient give up their dependence on the substance they used to abuse. After that comes the physical treatment step, in which, the patient is treated for the physical ailments that have taken over their body.

This is followed by the mental therapy step, in which the patient attends regular counseling sessions to treat their mental issues and help them cope with maintaining sobriety. A great way to assist in this step is through group therapy sessions. They contribute greatly to the patient’s relearning of social interaction skills.

Lastly, the ex-addict is tutored in essential life skills that they need to be able to live independently once they are released from the halfway home. The person may also be given vocational training so that they can get a job too. Once released, the patient will still have to return for regular therapy sessions which are meant to keep track of their sobriety and help them maintain it.

Which Halfway House In Louisiana Is The Best For You?

Choosing the right halfway house is perhaps the most crucial decision in the life of an addict who has decided to get clean. While the right place can guide the person to a wonderful life ahead, the wrong one can push them deeper into addiction. It is literally a matter of life and death for the addict.

Even if you consider that the judgment of the addict themself may be clouded due to their addiction, you cannot say for sure that their loved one will make the decision correctly either. There are so many factors that must be considered before choosing one from among the tons of halfway houses in Louisiana. But more importantly, one has to know which factors to not consider when making a decision.

A mistake many people make is thinking the cost of the program determines its quality. The same goes for when people think that the popularity of the halfway house or the number of good reviews under it should be considered. This could not be further from the truth, as the only real factor that should be weighed in is if the program at the rehab center will suit the addict.

If you want to be sure about it, you can contact us for help. Our experts will diagnose your addiction problem and guide you in the right direction in terms of the right halfway houses in Louisiana for you. Or you can check our exhaustive directory to pinpoint the right one yourself.

What You Must Bear In Mind When Joining A Halfway House In Louisiana?

It is important that you understand that just signing up for a rehab program at one of the halfway houses in Louisiana will not solve your addiction problem. You will need to be strong-willed and eager to change your life for the better if you want the program to work.

And if you need help choosing the right one for you, call us at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at and we will make sure that you get connected to the right halfway house to help you turn your life around.

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