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Minnesota is supposed to be one of the most peaceful and safe places to live in. It has great facilities, the weather is fine, it is one of the more developed states and has some of the prime activity centers of the country. Yet, it turns out that Minnesota might not be as clean and perfect as its image makes it out to be.

In fact, the population of Minnesota seems to be suffering from a chronic drug abuse problem. While there had always been a basal level of substance abuse problem among the people of Minnesota, it caught on with the opioid epidemic that was taking the country. In fact, it escalated the most during the last decade, especially in the last few years.

Yet, it is quite surprising that the number of rehab centers and halfway homes in Minnesota has remained more or less stable during this period. It would be wrong to say that new ones have not come up at all, but it has not been at a rate proportional to the rate of increase of drug abuse cases in the state. This has built somewhat of a deficit in the number of patients who got treatment in halfway homes in Minnesota in comparison to all those who needed it.

That is why it is more important than ever to be informed completely about your options when it comes to treatment centers and halfway homes in Minnesota. Having this information at hand allows you to act promptly if you encounter a drug abuse problem or case either yourself or in someone you know. Remember, even a matter of a few hours can save a life.

What Is The Extent Of The Drug Addiction Problem In Minnesota?

The young adults of Minnesota seemed to be most affected by the rising drug problem and opioid addiction in Minnesota as a direct waterfall effect of the drug epidemic in the USA. Until 2017, there was a steady increase in both opioid addictions, the number of placements in halfway homes in Minnesota for opioid abuse, and the number of deaths due to opioid addiction. As a result, it became a dire necessity to put in place measures to curtail opioid abuse.

This was reflected in the lower number of opioid prescriptions made, at a rate of 35.5 in 2018, compared to the national average of 51.4. But the fallout of this was felt in a direct increase in the abuse of heroin and other opiates. In fact, overdose-related deaths of both heroin and synthetic opioids increased by leaps and bounds even as the deaths due to overdose of prescription drugs remained steady.

Interestingly, even though the abuse of these drugs was more rampant in the age group of 21-25, the age group that was most affected by overdose deaths were the middle-aged adults. The other alarming trend is the increase in the abuse of amphetamines. Cocaine abuse was also a constant issue on the statecharts. However, despite all the high numbers and rates for the other drugs, marijuana remained the number one abused substance in Minnesota.

Other than these drugs, alcohol remains a major substance for abuse among the Minnesotans. In fact, Minnesota ranked among the states with the largest alcohol abuse problem in 2018, which included solitary addiction as well as primary addiction along with a secondary drug abused. It was also one of the states with the largest rate of people who did not get rehabilitation treatment for their problem.

How A Halfway House In Minnesota Can Be A Lifesaver?

If you study the general trends and statistics for the substance abuse situation in Minnesota, one thing will be clear. Drug abuse is obviously a hush-hush issue among the people, which means a lot of people hide their problems instead of trying to get treatment for it. This, in turn, keeps aggravating it as an underlying problem, even as people keep ignoring it.

As a result, those suffering from substance abuse disorder have to live untreated, often with related physical and mental illnesses, giving rise to overdose deaths, self-harm, and suicide. The only way to truly uproot the problem is to dispel the taboo around addiction and admission in rehab centers and halfway homes in Minnesota. Unless people start seeing the receiving of treatment as a part of the solution and not the problem, there will never be any improvement in either the lives of these people or the extent of drug abuse.

A halfway home will have trained personnel who will be able to look after the addict better than the inexperienced friends and family members of the person. At the halfway home, the person will get holistic treatment for their addiction. They will also go through treatment to heal their ailments and therapy for their mental problems.

Moreover, a halfway house will not leave it at getting rid of the addiction; they aim for more long-term results. This means that besides getting the person off their addiction, the rehab center will also take steps and provide therapy to ensure that there is no relapse and the person stays off the drug. They make sure that the person, is able to live independently and responsibly in a healthy manner for the rest of their lives.

What Is The Treatment Procedure In A Halfway House In Minnesota?

Every rehab center and halfway house has a treatment procedure meant to optimize the results and minimize the chances of relapse among each of its patients. But for the halfway home to take on a patient, the person or their well-wisher must first get in touch with the staff at one of the suitable halfway homes in Minnesota. Only then can the center schedule a consultation with the to-be patient.

This consultation is meant to understand the exact drug addiction problem that the patient is having. People may look like they have the exact same problem but a thorough diagnosis can throw up major differences. It is based on these differences that the halfway home experts design a treatment program tailored to the needs of that particular person.

Once the person gets admitted, the first step of treatment is detoxification. The detoxification step aims to make the person’s body get used to gradually living without the drug, most frequently through the use of replacement chemicals like naloxone or otherwise. By the end of detoxification, a person should be entirely off the drug with minimum or zero withdrawal symptoms.

This is followed by treatments for the physical illnesses that the person may have caught due to the addiction. These can be issues caused by the prolonged usage of the drug or transmitted diseases from injection drug use. In case any of the conditions have become permanent or chronic, the doctor would draw up a long-term medication plan for the patient too.

The above treatment is often done in conjunction with psychological therapy, which not only treats the substance abuse disorder itself but also the underlying mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and paranoia. It is in this part of the treatment that the foundation is laid for the patient to learn to live without a dependence on the drug. Simultaneous group therapy is also often prescribed, most usually towards the end of the treatment when social support is most effective.

The person is also taught social skills, essential life skills, and job skills to help them sustain an independent lifestyle once they complete their treatment. After release, the person still has to attend the outpatient part of the program. This includes regular therapy sessions to ensure there has not been any relapse and to provide guidance to maintain the same.

How Can The Suitable Halfway House In Minnesota Be Chosen?

Choosing halfway homes in Minnesota does not need to be as hard as people make it out to be. Agreed, it has fewer options than other states with similar population size. But you can still use the same parameters as with other states to choose the right halfway home for you.

It is best not to use either price or rankings as primary factors when making a choice. While price only reflects the cost of the facilities and not always their grade, rankings are based on very generic indicators that may or may not apply to you. Instead, it is better to inform yourself about the systems and facilities of the program and use your own discretion to make a choice.

But if you do not want to trust your judgment solely, you can always get in touch with us. Our in-house experts will talk with you to understand your problem and based on that; they will recommend the right halfway home for you. They may even help you contact the center and guide you in the admittance process.

What You Should Know For Joining A Halfway House In Minnesota?

It can be hard staying strong-willed throughout the rehabilitation and therapy process. It is no cakewalk and often, you will be tempted to take the easy way out and abandon the program. But unless you stay in, your life will not get better.

So, once you have steeled your will and made up your mind, give us a call at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at for the next step. You can also browse our extensive list of halfway homes in Minnesota if you want to make the choice yourself. Whichever you do, we can guarantee it is the right step forward.


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