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Halfway Houses in Missouri


Missouri is one of the most beautiful states located in the Midwestern part of the United States. It has more than six million residents and a part of this population is already smitten with substance use disorder (SUD). To eradicate this crisis, halfway houses in Missouri have emerged out as a boon.

The state is associated with many interesting facts, one of which is that it is a production hub of beer. Missouri has also got Anheuser-Busch, which makes it one of the largest wine producers in the world. These are just a tip of the interesting things in Missouri.

Irrespective of these seemingly interesting facts about the state, Missouri has a big problem just like any other state of the US and that is abusing drugs and alcoholic stimulants. This singular problem cannot be completely dealt with without adequate halfway homes in Missouri.

The state has a major problem of meth drug abuse which is quite different from what other states are facing. In this particular state, the high usage of meth has taken a different dimension. The exposure to this deadly substance has given rise to the number of halfway houses in Missouri that particularly act like meth detox centers.

The Unique Substance Battle 

Unlike most other states whose drug issues revolve around opioid usage, Missouri is facing the challenge of battling against an uncommon substance addiction called Meth aka Methadone. Exposure to this substance is found more deadly than any other common substances.

The production of Meth involves cooking and the cooking is carried out in dangerous meth labs. Unfortunately, it is no longer unknown to people that this drug is cooked almost everywhere in Missouri which is exposing the community to great danger. It is feared that an explosion can occur in the process of cooking these drugs, tend to harm the bystanders.

Moreover, since synthetic opioids are the most widely used drugs in other states; therefore, most of the energy and resources are concentrated on tackling opioids addiction. As a result, it appears that less attention is being paid to Meth addiction.

Irrespective of this unique challenge, the state is working hard to tackle this problem of meth addiction. Many of the Meth labs have been cleared off, and now there are a good number of halfway houses in Missouri that are committed to providing immunity to the natives against this menace.

What Is The Scene Of Substance Use In Missouri?

According to the statistics, the number of people who are battling against this drug addiction is quite enormous. People of all age groups have fallen prey to this deadly opioid epidemic. Regardless of social status, class, and race, addiction has plagued the lives of many.

A report produced by DHM in 2018 indicated that 388,000 residents in Missouri were exposed to substance use disorder (SUD).

This number was further broken down and was observed that 5.2% were children between the ages of 12 and 17 years, 17% were between the ages of 18 and 25, and the ones between the ages of 26 years and above, occupied 6.88% of the total figure. Over the years, many have died as a result of this drug overdose. Addicts are living in deplorable conditions. Persistent use of drugs and alcohol has made them mentally ill. It is to be noted that their physical health too deteriorates to a great extent.

Their families get torn apart because of their causing havoc in the houses. Abusing and beating their loved ones up has marred their relationships very badly. Children of such addicts grow under constant fear and overwhelming distress. At times, even they take up the wrong paths to overcome their sufferings.

It goes unsaid that drunkards and druggies are prone to several chronic diseases apart from depression and other mental problems. Cancer and HIV being the deadliest among all the other problems related to cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems. The increased number of criminal cases, homicides, suicides, and drug trafficking is yet another shadow cast by this deadly epidemic.

Lives can be saved. Lives can be transformed. Resurrection has always been nature’s admirable trait and so can it be yours provided you muster the courage of giving up addictions.

About Halfway Houses In Missouri And The Role Played By Them In Terms Of Treatments

Halfway houses in Missouri were set up to provide a transitional environment/ housing for individuals of all ages who are battling for recovery from drug addiction. These houses also cater to recently released prisoners and people with mental disorders. These houses cater more to drug offenders as that is the major challenge prevailing in the state for more than a decade.

These houses also provide a secure, serene, and healthy living environment with well-structured recovery programs. The aim of keeping the drug addicts who have undergone the first stage of rehab treatment in the house is to help them overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some houses go beyond providing mere treatments: providing employment opportunities to these patients.

First-stage services provide detoxification treatment along with some other basic treatments. Recreational, educational and social programs are also conducted regularly. Halfway houses in Missouri are structured in a way that gives the residents the same feeling of home sweet home. Some of the amenities in the house include; Kitchen, spa, gym, private bedroom, pool, cable television, internet facilities.

Halfway houses do not only concentrate on providing medications, they are concerned about helping admitted patients get back on their feet. They strive to see these people battling with drug addiction recover and re-integrates into society like every other normal being. All these are achieved through the twelve-step programs and numerous engaging activities in the house.

The houses are guided by rules and regulations which the residents are required to follow. Some of the rules and requirements include: showing active participation in community service, abstaining from alcohol, and drug use. This is otherwise referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous respectively. There is always a random drug and alcohol testing. Also, curfews are strictly adhered to.

Looking at some of these rules, the house may appear strict and probably a bit intimidating with its own set of prescribed rules. If you are willing to recover from drug addiction then these rules are just perfect to shape you into becoming a better and more productive person in society.

In most cases, the halfway houses provide clients the transportation to make movement easy and safe for inpatients that may have other activities to attend to outside the house. An example is having a therapy session or a job interview. It fosters confidence in inpatients.

What Is The Need For Halfway Homes In Missouri?

Missouri is one state with a unique drug case. While other states are fighting common drug addictions involving opioids, Missouri is faced with a more deadly drug addiction case involving Meth. This has led to thousands of overdose deaths over the past few years and sadly most of the victims are teenagers and adults of 18 to 25 years of age.

The state has worked tirelessly to get this situation under control. Clearing of Meth Laboratories is not the only way to achieving the goal of eradicating the problem as there are already a high number of addicts in the state to whom the help never reaches in time. The best way to render help to such drug users is a directory of halfway houses in Missouri.

However, halfway houses in Missouri, provides the necessary support, care, and attention to help drug users pull through the recovery stage successfully. Residents are properly monitored, guided, and exposed to programs that will prepare them for the real world once their stay in the house is over.

There have been cases where patients still prefer to remain in the house even after the recovery program. This is to help them fully recover to avoid a relapse.

Takeaways To Be Kept In Mind While Choosing A Halfway House

A halfway house is said to be effective if the aim of recovery has been successfully achieved without a relapse. However, the structures and activities in a house can determine how effective that house will be.

Thus, in choosing a halfway house in Missouri for a loved one, ensure that you find out about the prerequisites, criteria, and activities of the house before getting admission into it. Bear in mind that patients respond differently to recovery treatments in the various halfway houses in Missouri.

We believe that you have already won half the battle if you are determined to take a step towards freeing yourself up from the grips of addictions. Our online free directory will provide you with honest reviews, and you’ll find a detailed listing of all the halfway houses in Missouri.

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