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Nebraska is a Midwestern US state bestowed with the prairies of the Great Plains, towering turrets of Sandhills, and many other natural beauties. Alike its plains, the opioid crisis sprawled across the state widely, and alike its towering hills, the number of death rates due to drug overdose, during the earlier times, skyrocketed uncontrollably. In simple words, in the past few years, things took a more serious turn and the rise in halfway houses in Nebraska confirms its situation.

Halfway houses in Nebraska necessarily do not have restrictions with who their inmates would be. Some turn homeless, some return after completing their incarceration period and some suffer the consequences of addiction. This transitory period provides the best opportunity for staying in halfway houses for someone to recover and rebuild his/her life once again.

How Toxic Is Substance Abuse In Nebraska?

Although each day more than 130 people die in the US due to drug overdose, the latest statistics show that the number of deaths attributed to opioid misuse has dropped abruptly.

In Nebraska, adults between the ages of 25 to 54 have the highest rate of drug overdose deaths compared with younger adults. However, that doesn’t mean they are absolved of the chemical dependency. High school students while having fun at parties and experiencing their first times, smoking, binge drinking, start indulging in cannabis, opioids, heroin, and other drugs.

Mental health issues are infecting people rampantly that in turn are urging the patients to resort to an overdose of medicines. Alcoholism or high prevalence of excessive drinking is ruining many lives. Also, there is a rise in the use of prescription relievers like methadone, oxycodone, etc.

Loss of a loved one, a disturbed and falling family, bleak hopelessness in life, job loss are some reasons that add up to these abuses. In a study, it has been found out that there exists a strong relationship between adverse childhood experiences and illicit drug use in adulthood.

It is but evident that the drug crisis leads to fatal consequences, contributing to some of the major health problems. The organs and systems in the body do not remain unaffected. Reasons could be many but the output is the same i.e. doomed lives.

Why You Should Get Yourself Enrolled In A Halfway House In Nebraska?

We all go through difficult phases in our lives. Be it a traumatic childhood (child abuse), loss, isolation, being homeless, feeling depressed, alcoholic parents, domestic violence, each incident counts and leaves a deep impact on us and our minds for the rest of our lives. Some of us can overcome the grief and pain. Others can’t.

Those who are unable to bear all these since their younger days, resort to substance abuse. But, little do they remember that substance abuse takes away a lot from them. Sure, it helps them to forget their pain for a while, but does that really prove helpful?
No, it doesn’t.

They allow drugs to take action in their lives. They let drugs destroy them, turning them into addicts, and provoking them to perpetrate criminal and unlawful activities. It is during these times that a halfway house comes to help you in combating the enormity of the opioid crisis. A halfway house can also help you find a job; can assure you of the entitlement to a good, safe and drug-free environment, where the happy vibes help in fast recuperation.

You get an atmosphere where you can communicate with others; get to know their stories; share your past histories; learn to make connections; build a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime and establish a comradeship that talks about how bad things can even have rigid turns

What Do You Do At A Halfway House?

There are certain rules one is bound to follow once he/she gets admitted to a halfway house as an inmate. The temporary residential stay is that of 2 to 3 or even 6 months. However, taking into consideration the complexity and severity of the patient’s problem, sometimes they are kept in a halfway house for more than the aforesaid period time.

You follow a routine life. You follow therapy sessions. You follow a healthy, nutritious diet, and you attend counseling sessions.

Certified counselors talk their way through and provide professional aid to those who have had a bitter past that is disturbing them unimaginably. Trained staff, doctors, and therapists assist the patients continuously.

The inpatient program is carried out in two stages. In the very first stage, addicts go through detoxification after the diagnosis. Most of the addicts are given naloxone to undo the effect of a drug overdose. Also, medication-assisted treatments (MAT) are made available to the patients.

Halfway houses in Nebraska also make sure you are prepared to welcome the outside world with confidence by teaching you skills: practical ones from tax-paying to marketing; from participating in family activities to grocery shopping. They even make you learn how to ace job interviews. This is the second stage in the rehabilitation program.

Other treatments and therapies include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), CM (contingency management), AM (anger management), and individual counseling. Also, the facility of partial hospitalization is made available to the patients.

Once the inpatients become outpatients i.e. once they are allowed to leave the halfway houses for good, they are still required to meet their counselors regularly to ensure nil chances of relapse. It has been seen in many cases that patients pander to addictions even after being released from the halfway houses, therefore to keep a check on them, after-care plans are meant.

We know life is hard for an addict. Society looks down upon them. They tend to forget that people can change since nothing is permanent in this world. There has been tremendous growth in morbidity and mortality and this can only be reversed once addicts choose to enroll themselves in any of the halfway houses in Nebraska.

Your scars would be healed, and dreams would be carved out of your wounds- every halfway house in Nebraska comes with this promise.

Remember, only you have got the power to fight against your addiction. Throw away the negative thoughts, forget the bitter past, and engage in productive activities. Just take a step ahead in this direction and things would become simpler. Even on your worst days, relinquishing should not become an option for you.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While You Search For A Halfway House In Nebraska?

It is a difficult job, choosing the right halfway house for oneself. You need to understand whether a short term or a long-term session will be fruitful to your condition or not.

You also need to keep this in mind, your budget and search accordingly for the ones that would meet your expectations because there are halfway houses that come with additional amenities with an added expense to it.

Whether you want an all-women or an all-men halfway house or the ones permitting mixed inmates, you can choose from an array of multitudes. Such provision has always proved beneficial to patients in terms of adaptability and recuperation.

The mode of payment is not the same in all the halfway houses in Nebraska, so you need to look to your preferences in that case. Amongst myriad modes, some are cash payment, sliding-scale fees, Medicaid, health insurance plans, and Medicare.

You need to be aware of the halfway houses that focus on the promulgation of their policies to lure patients. The proverb fits well: much cry and little wool.

You need to be determined to not let your family drown into crumbles because of your toxic past. Besides, you need to reclaim your life for your own good too.

How Do You Choose Your Halfway House In Nebraska?

Remember, bad days don’t long forever. You need to let the past go and not dwell in it for the rest of your life.

Choosing the right one for you can be quite challenging. You have come this far, so we know you want a good life. Since you are here, so far, reading and searching for a halfway house, we are happy to help you in every possible way.

We know things are difficult and dark for you, but trust us; better days are coming your way. To save you from the taxing process of searching thoroughly, about the halfway houses in Nebraska, we provide you with our handy inventory with the listings of the same.

Transparency in our reviews and information can prove a great aid in your making the right decision. Also, keeping back your identity from the world will be our priority.

Call us at +1-844-678-7386 to speak to our mentors and officials for guidance or you can simply email us right away at If you want to have a look at the array of our listings in the city, you can instantly look up our free directory.

We are awaiting your presence. We are proud of you for coming this far. See you on the bright side, soon!

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