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New Hampshire is one of the worst affected states in the USA when it comes to drug addiction. It would not even be an understatement to say it is the most seriously affected state. It has unusually high statistics in nearly every field and category, and the problem only seems to worsen.

For nearly two decades now, drug addiction in New Hampshire has consistently been at the top of national lists. Whether it be in the types of drugs or the age groups of people affected, New Hampshire seems to be hogging all the spots. This is true even for deaths due to overdose of a drug.

Unfortunately, the problem does not seem to be getting solved. The reason for this is not hard to see: the location of New Hampshire. It is situated at an optimum distance from states where one or the other drug is abused rampantly. This results in the easy, rapid, and unhindered transportation of a variety of drugs into the state.

This accessibility has given rise to severe substance abuse problems in the residents of New Hampshire. It is not to say that the authorities are not doing anything. They have especially become active in the past few years. However, that alone cannot solve the problem. The halfway houses in New Hampshire must also be equally active in the process.

It is saddening that rehab centers and halfway houses in New Hampshire have not been mobilized to the extent that was possible. In fact, one of the things that have gained notoriety in the state is the fact that halfway houses in New Hampshire have a tendency to decrease in number. It is only hoped that in the future, people will start seeing the effectiveness of halfway houses in tackling the drug problem and avail of the facilities available to them.

How Is The Drug Problem Getting Out Of Hand In New Hampshire?

Opioids and opiates seem to be the reigning problem in New Hampshire. In fact, New Hampshire is one of the most significant victims of the heroin epidemic that hit the country in the early 2010s. Even overdose deaths due to fentanyl spiked during the 2013-24 period and the use of prescription drugs were at an all-time high.

Statistics show that the age groups most vulnerable to the use of drugs in New Hampshire are the 18-25 and the 12-17 age brackets. In fact, the level of drug use has been consistently for these two age groups, mostly staying in the top ten lists. Several times, the 30-day average usage of drugs among New Hampshire residents has been over 10%, which is exceptionally higher than the national average of 8%.

Other than heroin, cocaine seems to be in quite high demand in the state too. Although marijuana use in the state does not seem to be as bad as other states, yet the high THC content of 22% in the samples usually found here makes it dangerous. Similarly, although the rate of prescription of opioids has decreased, they are still obtained highly through illegal pathways.

As a result, prescription drugs have remained one of the top causes for people getting admitted to halfway houses in New Hampshire. Overdose deaths due to opiates and opioids have maintained their high values throughout the decade. Some other popular drugs in New Hampshire are hallucinogens, stimulants, and tranquilizers.

As we already mentioned once before, the number of halfway houses in New Hampshire has seen decline several times over the years. The worst was probably the period of 1992-2006 when their number saw a drastic decline from 64 to 57. Of the over a hundred thousand people in need of treatment, not even four percent receive it. Unless the circumstances are turned around, New Hampshire would be heading for dark times.

How Is A Halfway House In New Hampshire The Way Out?

It is quite evident that the people of New Hampshire have an aversion towards or lack of access to the treatment that is required to get rid of their addiction. However, even if the government does its best to restrict the entry of drugs into the state, it will not make the lives of the addicts better, nor stop them from introducing others to drugs.

The need of the hour is to do a makeover of the rehabilitation centers and halfway houses in New Hampshire so that people will look to them as viable options. Prevention will always be better than cure, but for those affected, a cure is the first line of defense. If that is not done, it would be impossible to end the problem from its roots.

That is exactly what a halfway house means to provide. Their job is to provide all-round treatment to addicts so that when they return to their lives, they will be as healthy as they used to be. They will also not be tempted to return to their past life of drug abuse.

Halfway houses in New Hampshire will not only look after the treatment of the patient in terms of getting rid of the addiction obviously. But they will also help in the treatment of their physical and psychological concerns, which are a natural fallout of drug abuse. Finally, they will help in the rehabilitation of the patient to society so that they may live a normal life again.

How Does A Halfway House In New Hampshire Treat Patients?

Different halfway houses usually have different ways to go about the treatment and rehabilitation process. However, they do follow the same order of treatment, because it has been proved to be the most effective. The halfway houses in New Hampshire also do the same.

The treatment starts off with the detoxification process. This is meant to help the patient wean off his addiction through medical treatment. This is better and more successful than going cold turkey that many addicts try, as it has zero to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

This is followed by medical therapy for the diseases and disorders that the person may have developed during his drug abuse years. This can be a chronic problem in the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, or vascular system. The treatment will take care of the curable problems and provide medical support for the permanent ones.

Also, alongside the treatment of the physical ailments, the treatment for the mental diseases that the person may have is also necessary. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, bipolar disorder, and many other issues are common in drug addicts. Depending on how old and intense the addiction is, he may also have to relearn his social skills.

The best way to do this is through group therapy. The person must also learn essential life skills as well as vocational skills if they are of age. After the person is released from the halfway house, they will still have to keep returning for regular outpatient therapy sessions to give support and prevent relapse.

How Do You Look For The Right Halfway House In New Hampshire?

When you are browsing through halfway houses in New Hampshire, you will come across many famous ones with high ratings and stellar reviews. But do not be swept away by them. These are not accurate representations of how good the halfway house is or whether it is suitable for you.

The price of the program also does not determine if this program is appropriate for you. It is only a partial indicator, as much of the cost is spent in luxurious accommodations for the patient. A lesser-priced rehab program has every chance of turning out to be more effective.

The best way to pinpoint the right halfway house for you is to research the exact treatment plan used by the center. If it suits your personal requirements according to you, chances are it will be the most suitable for you. You can also talk to the staff of the halfway house for more details to help you make up your mind.

If you feel like you need assistance in this, you can call us and one of our addiction experts will help you in choosing the right halfway house for you. We may even help you connect with the treatment center to facilitate communication. Or, you may go through our directory of every halfway house in New Hampshire. There is every detail provided that you would need to choose the one for you.

What To Bear In Mind To Join A Halfway House In New Hampshire?

Joining a halfway house means a commitment to leaving your past life of drug abuse behind and starting anew. It is a promise to stay addiction-free for the rest of your life. You must dedicate yourself fully to this vision and cooperate with the halfway house for the best results. Abandoning halfway through will not get you anywhere and you will fall back again into that deadly lifestyle.

If you are determined to improve, call us at +1-844-678-7386 or send an email to us at for a smooth start. We assure you that we will do our best to get you the treatment that eludes so many people just because they failed to get access to the right halfway house in New Hampshire.