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What is a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility?

A halfway house is a living environment that is designed to help people get back on their feet and transition over to a more independent living scenario. Sometimes known as a sober living facility or transitional home, it is well suited for individuals who have undergone medical detox and rehabilitation (if necessary). 

Halfway houses in New Jersey have differing rules, but a common requirement that residents must keep is that of sobriety. Various levels of support are provided in order to facilitate it, but there are differences among transitional homes in the extent of services that are offered toward that end.

Some halfway houses in New Jersey are meant solely for people who have just been released from jail or prison. These are not usually called sober living facilities.

The Importance of Halfway Houses in New Jersey

Anyone who is looking for a halfway house in New Jersey knows how important it is that they find one. Everyone is unique; everyone has a different story. However, one thing remains true: drug use is rampant and overdose deaths are unfortunately all too common. 

The significance of sober living facilities cannot be overstated. Halfway houses in New Jersey facilitate the well-being of people who would otherwise have a much more difficult time getting on their feet. 

Comprehensive medical treatment is not typically provided in halfway homes, but they nonetheless serve a vital role in helping individuals regain control of their life. They help keep people off the streets and out of more restrictive living environments. 

How Do I Find The Best Halfway House Near Me?

If you are looking for a halfway house in New Jersey, please peruse our listings. Halfway House Directory is a convenient way for you to find a suitable halfway house nearby. It is regularly updated, so please feel free to keep it bookmarked. 

If you are not in New Jersey, but within its general vicinity, you can just as well search for halfway houses near New Jersey.

A number of factors are going to play into whether or not a halfway home is more suitable for you than another, but it is important to keep in mind that there is a place for you. Even more, transitional living facilities oftentimes look like regular homes — and in a way, they are.

Sober living facilities in New Jersey are home to ordinary individuals just like you — people who simply need a stepping stone of sorts as they make their way toward a more independent way of life.

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

You may have gone through medical detox or drug treatment. Whether you have or have not, one thing is certain: You are not ready to live on your own.

Our directory can help you find a suitable halfway house in New Jersey. It can also help you find a halfway house near New Jersey — in any of the surrounding areas. Please contact one of the sober living homes below. 

Before you consider joining one, it is a good idea to read reviews from people who have had experience with it. Just keep in mind that reviews do not always provide an accurate assessment of a facility’s quality!

When you find a transitional home that suits your needs, be sure to abide by all of its rules if you are accepted as a resident. Halfway homes have policies in place that deal with rule violations. Consequences follow accordingly, and expulsion is possible.

Primary Service: ⦁ Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Address : 350 S Sparta Ave Suite A201, Sparta, 07871

Primary Service: ⦁ Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Address : 3535 Quakerbridge Rd # 300, Hamilton Township, 08619

Primary Service: ⦁ Mental Health Services

Address : 22-08 NJ-208 Suite 2 , Fair Lawn, 07410

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 600 South Odessa Avenue, Egg Harbor City, 08215

Primary Service: drug and alcohol dependency

Address : 465 West Main Street , Mountville, 17554

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 62 Dunhill Dr, Voorhees, 08043

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 56 Escher Street, Trenton, 08609

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 98 Carroll Street , Trenton, 08605

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 362 Sunset Road, Skillman, 08558

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 68 Erdman Ave, Princeton, 08540

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