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New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeastern US. and it homes the highest number of millionaires per capita of all the states in the US. It has some of the prominent and most beautiful geographic features too. Despite all these catchy aspects of it, New Jersey remains an abode to a great number of druggies and drunkards.

Unfortunately, it is not immune to the opioid epidemic that has been ruining countless lives over the past years. Halfway houses in New Jersey have come out as a remedy to this problem.

Addiction is no stranger to most of the natives here, but halfway houses in New Jersey remain unknown to many. Reaching out to the halfway houses in New Jersey to improving one’s life is still a herculean task to many.

Why Halfway Houses In New Jersey Are Must-Reach Destinations For Many?

According to the latest updates, in the past three years, drug deaths have increased to 63% from 14.0 to 22.8 deaths per 100000 populations. In 2019, New Jersey ranked 34th in the US in terms of drug deaths. Also, it ranked 7th in the US in terms of excessive drinking. It ranks 39th in the US when it comes to the overall substance abuse rate.

However, the state leads the nation in the number of teens who claim of having encountered drugs at school. In that case, 39% of youth under the age of 17 have smoked Marijuana at least once in their lifetimes according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Heroin, an opiate drug is an extremely strong drug that has topped the list of most abused drugs in New Jersey. Marijuana stands third in this list. Other hard drugs that are widely used are cocaine and methamphetamine.

Opiates like oxycodone and hydrocodone are amongst the most commonly abused prescribed drugs. Anti-anxiety medication like benzodiazepines is also addictive. Some take these prescribed drugs legally to alleviate their chronic pain but many often misuse them.

Common possessions that every addict is found with are burnt spoons, syringes, bottles of alcohol, and crack bags. Their debilitating conditions only evoke pity and a deep sense of sorry for them.

Their relationships with loved ones get hampered because of their addictions. They act cynically at their homes. Abusing and torturing the members of their families become their daily routine. This cast a shadow of overwhelming grief and depression in such families.

Addicts fall prey to problems related to nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, not to mention the mental disorders which include anxiety attacks, depression, and schizophrenia. Other hazardous ailments include cancer and HIV.

Time and again, these addicts are found committing suicide, homicide, and grave crimes. They damage public properties and get involved in drug trafficking. They assume different names such as cynic, sociopath, misfit, etc. Ultimately, they get cast away by society and their loved ones.

Many a time, those wanting to recover from their addiction, get afraid of exposing their problem to the world. They refuse to give it a second thought and ultimately end up in ruining their lives which otherwise they could have saved had they shown courage.

Halfway houses in New Jersey are for those whose voices may go unheard. Your problem needs professional aid and halfway houses in New Jersey work for dispensing the same to you.

You’ll realize the importance of enrolling in a halfway house. You’ll be able to figure out its benefits in no time and then finally, one day, you’ll find yourself free from your addictions.

It’s a battle against which most of the teenagers, men, and women are fighting. You are not alone in this. Getting appropriate treatment should be your priority.

Role Of Halfway-Houses In North Carolina

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the vulnerability of New Jersey to overdose deaths. The enormity of the opioid epidemic is not oblivion to the laymen now. In this situation, we should reach out to every addict in every possible way since social-distancing doesn’t imply ignoring the duties of a responsible citizen.

According to the database, more deaths are caused by drug overdose than motor vehicle accidents. It’s a grave thing and calls for attention. Teenagers latch on to consuming drugs for pleasure. Little do they know about the consequences of indulging in drugs and alcohol. And when they actually can’t help doing away with their habits, they become druggies. They start to dwell in the dark world.

If you’ve already spotted yourself at the same point, then it’s time you need to take a step towards the refurbishment. If you have already recognized the craving for a better life, then you are already treading on the right path.

There is nothing wrong with your willingness to restore your health, dignity, status, and confidence. Nobody can snatch away the ‘right to the reclamation of life’ from you. You were responsible for abrading your life and you still are responsible for upgrading it.

Halfway houses in New Jersey provide a residential remedy to those individuals who are in dire need of extra support. Halfway houses are like the lighthouses to the lost people out there, who are in constant search for guidance that would drag them out of their dark world in which they have been reveling ever since they took to indulging.

A Clear Picture Of Halfway House’s Functions

The path to sober recovery is divided into three stages:

Primary service provided to each inpatient helps in getting them detoxified after the diagnosis of their problem. Also, they are given some psychotherapeutic treatments for better results. This stage forms the basis of the rest of the stages.

It is found that teenagers respond to the second stage more effectively. This stage deals with educational, recreational, spiritual, and vocational programs. Group discussions, normal sessions, and meetings are normal events that are held regularly. Once the inpatients start to come out of their shell, they are sent to trips and shopping. This helps them in making a transition back to society.

The third stage deals with outpatient treatments which generally include individual counseling on anger and contingency management. Aftercare plans are set up for keeping a close check on the patients. This is to ensure the prevention of relapse.

The patients are expected to stay in the halfway house until the first two stages of treatment are done successfully. This stay is roughly 1 to 2 months though some are made to stay for even a year depending on the severity of their illness.

You should not worry about the doctors, psychiatrists, and drug counselors who would be in charge of attending to your vulnerabilities since they are certified and professionally trained ones. Even the staff in the halfway houses are trained for this singular purpose.

If You Are Singling Out A Suitable Halfway House Then You Need To Count On These Takeaways:

We believe that if you are skimming through this, then probably, you are trying hard to find the right halfway house that would meet all your expectations.

We understand how taxing it is to find a suitable halfway house. Some of them are run by the government while some are owned by the proprietors. Amongst the private ones, there are licensed as well as unlicensed halfway houses.

Almost all the halfway houses in New Jersey have the same set of treatments and therapies. They differ from each other in terms of the extra amenities that are provided by only a few. You’ll have to see which suits your needs the best and stand up the mark according to your preferences. Halfway houses that emphasize more on advertisements should be avoided. It’s akin to great cry and little wool. We would never want you to get trapped in their showy mesh.

There are different payment modes in different halfway houses. Medicaids, insurance plans, sliding-scale fees are some of the modes that are accepted by most of the halfway houses. You need to see this aspect as well.

Looking For Someone Who Would Guide You Ahead?

We are constantly working hard to reach out to you. We are here to guide you ahead. We know how difficult it must be for you to walk down the road to redemption.

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