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It would not be an overreach to say that over the years, Oklahoma has been the worst-hit by the drug epidemic that has been ravaging the United States. It has consistently stayed at the top of statistical reports regarding drug abuse or overdose deaths. The problem seemed to have gotten out of hand at one point during the beginning of the decade.

The situation got so bad at one point that the government was forced to plan and implement a special plan in 2013 to reduce drug overdose deaths in 2013. The plan included the fortification of community-based support and an increase in the number of rehabilitation centers and halfway houses in Oklahoma to reduce drug addiction and related deaths.

This plan was a huge success and resulted in a visible reduction in the number of drug addiction cases as well as deaths in the state. In fact, Oklahoma was one of the few states that saw a reduction in the number of prescription opioid deaths during the middle of the past decade, when most of the other states in the USA were seeing an exponential rise in overdose deaths.

This only goes on to show how effective halfway houses in Oklahoma can be if a well-crafted plan is implemented and mobilized in the right manner. It would not be wrong to say that other states in the USA can take a leaf out of the page of Oklahoma to also bring the drug abuse problem in their population under control.

By making rehabilitation and treatment programs more accessible to people and building more centers like the halfway houses in Oklahoma, they too can achieve what Oklahoma did.

What Is The Drug Scenario In Oklahoma?

Before talking about drug abuse in Oklahoma, it would be sensible to mention that when it comes to alcohol abuse, Oklahoma generally does not have a serious problem. That is not to say it is not worth turning attention to, but it was never as severe as the drug addiction here. In fact, the average alcohol abuse rate has remained either at or below the national average.

When it comes to drugs, marijuana is the most cited abused substance among the people who get admitted to halfway houses in Oklahoma. However, the most serious problem in Oklahoma is posed by prescription drugs. Even though the authorities’ plan lowered the rate of drug abuse greatly, to their dismay, the percentage of overdose deaths kept rising. It took quite a few years before there was a significant decrease in OD deaths.

Prescription painkillers were the main culprit in the scenario. The names that kept coming up the most were oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl. Fentanyl deaths kept increasing well into the second half of the decade. Hydrocodone was responsible for more deaths in 2011 than the cumulative numbers of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

Meth is another one of the problem drugs in Oklahoma, just as it is in most states in the USA. Meth labs, especially the ones that people build in their own homes, have long been the most prolific source of meth in the state. A lot of it also comes in from the Southwest and Mexico drug cartels.

The other drugs that are rampantly used in the state are heroin and cocaine. The price of heroin has been going down, which has triggered a rise in the abuse of heroin in Oklahoma. In fact, heroin overdose deaths have been on the rise for the past decade.

How Have Halfway Houses In Oklahoma proved To Be Successful?

The statistics have already proved that halfway houses in Oklahoma, combined with community support, can be highly successful in bringing the substance abuse disorder epidemic under control here. But statistics mean nothing to the people who are actually suffering from addiction or their loved ones. What they want are solid answers.

That is what we will be giving you here. Halfway houses are one of the most effective ways to treat addiction, often giving better results than rehab centers. This is because of the more community-oriented approach they take in guiding addicts to recovery rather than the strictly clinical approach of most rehab centers.

Years of drug abuse can totally wreck a person’s mind and body. It can give rise to myriad issues like chronic pain, heart and lung problems, wasted muscles, digestive and liver problems, kidney problems, nervous system problems, and much more. It will also give rise to psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, paranoia, bipolar disorder, hallucinations, and much more. Injection drug use can even lead to the transmission of HIV.

Treating a person’s addiction only will not address these issues. In fact, if these illnesses are not given special attention, they can often push a person fresh out of rehab therapy to resort to drugs again, and looking for a quick escape from it. Halfway houses will not only treat every single problem a person has, but they will also teach a person to live independently within the community without having a relapse.

What Procedure Does A Halfway House In Oklahoma Follow?

When it comes to the treatment of patients with drug addiction, halfway houses in Oklahoma take a unique approach. They still follow the standard procedure used in most places in the rest of the country that has been proved to be the most effective sequence. However, it always tailors the treatment plan to suit the specific needs of the patient too.

The first step must be taken by the patient or their loved one though, by calling the halfway house to schedule a consultation appointment. In this consultation, the addiction specialists at the center assess the addict to diagnose their issue. Based on this diagnosis, a suitable treatment plan is drawn that would best cure the issues the patient is facing.

Once the addict gets admitted to the house, the first step is detoxification. It involves weaning the patient off the addiction using medication. This approach ensures that the patient does not have to go through painful withdrawal symptoms, which is often the number one reason why many addicts refuse to go in for a rehab program.

The next step is to treat the patient for the physical as well as mental ailments that they may be suffering from. While physical diseases are combated using medical treatment, a combination of chemical and psychological therapy is used to cure mental disorders. It is extremely important to carefully monitor this part as many of the drugs used here can be addictive and a balance is of the essence.

Towards the end of the inpatient program, patients must attend group therapy to help with adjustment into society. They will also be taking life skills and vocational training, especially if they are adults, to help them live an independent, fulfilling life. After they are released, they must keep returning for regular therapy sessions to give continued support and prevent relapse.

How To Seek Out The Right Halfway House In Oklahoma?

Finding the right halfway house can be tough, especially since there is no room for error because someone’s life is in question here. You cannot be doing trial and error in this situation, because admitting someone to the wrong program can do irreparable damage to them. Sound judgment is of the essence here.

The first thing you must get into your mind is that cost or reputation are not the correct indicators to consider when you are choosing among halfway houses in Oklahoma. Rather, you should be considering factors like the treatment procedure followed by the center or the success rate in terms of how many of its patients did not relapse after the program was completed.

It can happen that you are nervous about making a decision by yourself. If that is the case, we would be happy to help you out. All you have to do is get in touch with us and our in-house experts can talk to you to get an idea of the problem. Then we can suggest the most suitable options for you out there.

We can even guide you through the selection process and connect you to the right people. Or, if you prefer to handle it yourself, you can use our exhaustive list of halfway houses in Oklahoma to make a choice. We provide every detail you need to be able to make an informed decision by yourself if you so choose to.

What You Must Realize Before Joining A Halfway House In Oklahoma?

A lot of people abandon their rehab programs midway. Even more recovered addicts lose focus and relapse back into their addiction. This is one of the most tragic things that we ever experience in our field, especially knowing how hard the halfway houses in Oklahoma try in restoring them to their health as much as possible.

If you have taken the decision to join a halfway house in Oklahoma, all we ask of you is to keep moving in the right direction all the time. We promise that a wonderful life awaits you on the other end. So, call us today at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at to take your first step towards a brighter future.


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