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Oregon is another one of the problematic states of America when it comes to rampant drug abuse, especially among the youth. It has consistently featured on the top of lists featuring state-wise drug addiction and substance abuse statistics in the United States. In several cases, it was often even the top state in drug use and abuse.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no respite or redemption in sight. There was a downward trend sometime in the beginning of the decade. However, as the decade came to an end, drug abuse started to rise again. The situation was especially bad when it came to opiates and opioids.

What was worse was that the number of halfway houses in Oregon even decreased in number at one point during the peak of the drug problem. This meant than even fewer people than usual got the treatment they needed. This only worsened the situation in Oregon.

The authorities need to understand that rehab centers, treatment facilities, and halfway houses in Oregon are an important line of defense in bringing the drug abuse epidemic in Oregon under control. Without these, more people will keep struggling with addiction and succumbing to death due to overdose, suicide, HIV, and a number of other reasons. Just passing some laws to restrict the entry of drugs into the state and making sale, possession, or use of drugs illegal will not work.

Preventive measures work best when combined with curative measures. Unless more people are admitted to halfway houses in Oregon to help them clean up their addiction, even if you entirely stop new people from getting addicted from outside sources, they can still be introduced to drugs by the already addicted people. By giving more resources to the halfway homes and rehab centers, the problem can be tackled much better.

What Is The Extent Of The Drug Problem In Oregon?

When it comes to alcohol abuse, Oregon has consistently ranked in the top ten lists among American states. The trend was visible both in the above-12 and the above-26 age groups. In most cases, teens were introduced to alcohol abuse by a family member or relative, showing how deep-rooted the problem was.

When it comes to drugs, prescription medication is the most abused in Oregon. The non-medical use and abuse of prescription drugs is rampant in Oregon. The rate of opioid prescriptions provided to the people of Oregon is higher than the national average. Oregon has ranked first many years for drug abuse in the age groups of 12 to 17, 18 to 25, as well as 26 and above. It seems like age is no bar in this case.

The next most abused drug is methamphetamine. After that stands heroin and marijuana. An interesting trend to follow is that cocaine abuse is decreasing in Oregon but at the cost of an increase in the abuse of heroin and marijuana. Part of this can be blamed on the reducing costs and easier availability of these two.

While the abuse of prescription drugs seemed to happen across all ages, there was a more age-related trend for the others, at least in terms of the number of admissions in halfway houses in Oregon. For example, heroin was abused more by people in their early 20s, but they seemed to move on to amphetamines, especially meth, in their later 20s. Marijuana was the drug of choice among adolescents.

Deaths due to drug abuse remained either steady or rose as the decade came to an end. Deaths due to overdose of heroin and prescription drugs seemed to maintain their ratio while overdose deaths due to synthetic opioids like fentanyl rose steeply, even doubling in two years between 2016 and 2018.

How Are Halfway Houses In Oregon Helping?

A halfway house is the only way to help drug addicts return to a life of health and stability. While family members and friends who want to help them while keeping them in front of their eyes, should know well, that they will never be as effective as the halfway houses in Oregon. This is because they lack the resources and expertise to do the right thing, and they also do not have the medical knowledge to be able to handle a critical situation.

Such critical situations are not uncommon when it comes to treating a substance disorder patient. They could experience severe withdrawal symptoms, their vital signs could drop or escalate, and they may even come close to a hemorrhage or heart failure. These are not emergencies that people can cater to if they are trying to get over their addiction at home.

Moreover, addicts are often riddled with various physical ailments, from chronic problems in their cardiovascular system, renal system, nervous system, and even digestive system, to conditions like HIV due to injection drug use. Not only that but they could also be suffering from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, seizures, and more. They need to be treated too.

A halfway house knows exactly how to go about the treatment process to reduce the chance of these possibilities to a minimum. They try their best to treat the ailments before they get the better of the patients. Rehabilitation from a lifetime of drug abuse is a long, complex process and the halfway houses in Oregon know exactly how to go about it for best results.

How Does A Halfway House In Oregon Treat Patients?

Any rehabilitation program needs to follow a strict protocol when they are treating a patient with addiction. This approach has been proved to have maximum effectiveness and provide the best results among all other tested methods. It is the most holistic approach that looks after the welfare of the patient from all angles.

Once you have chosen the most suitable among the many halfway houses in Oregon, you have to set up a consultation session with them. In this session, the doctors and specialists in the center will diagnose the patient and point out every problem area that needs attention. Based on that, a treatment plan will be decided that best suits the needs of the patient.

Treatment starts with the detoxification process. This is a medical treatment that removes all traces of the drug from the body of the patient and uses a substitute like a naloxone to slowly adapt their body to live without the drug. It ensures that the withdrawal symptoms are nil or at least a minimum.

This is followed by a comprehensive treatment of all the physical and mental ailments that the patient is afflicted with. The treatment for physical illnesses is mostly chemical therapy-based, while that of the mental disorders are kept as therapy-based as possible so as not to risk a relapse.

As this is going, the patient is signed up for group therapy for the restoration of social skills and positive reinforcement of addiction-free goals. The patient must also learn basic life skills and reskill for vocational purposes to help them get a job and live an independent life. After they are released, they would still have to be present for the outpatient part of the program, whereby, regular therapy sessions are to be attended to ensure there is no relapse.

How Do You Look For The Right Halfway House In Oregon?

Looking for the right one among so many halfway houses in Oregon can be tough, especially if you are not sure what counts as good or suitable. You might feel confused or overwhelmed about your choices. That is not at all unnatural. In fact, that is why we are here.

We want you to understand that it would be misleading to judge a halfway house either by the cost of their rehab program or by the reviews given by people. The cost mostly reflects the accommodation facilities provided and how luxurious they are. Whereas, reviews are an indication of personal experience and not the general quality of the program.

It is best if you check out what constitutes the rehab program in a halfway house by exploring their website or talking to them directly. You can also contact us and we will help you shortlist a few halfway houses according to the addiction you are struggling with. We can even help you contact the halfway house authorities if you like.

Or you may prefer to do this yourself, in which case too, we have got your back. You can check out our list of all the standard halfway houses in Oregon and use the detailed descriptions provided to make your decision. At the end of the day, the end goal should be to find the right halfway house that can help you.

What To Bear In Mind To Join A Halfway House In Oregon?

Joining a halfway house means you are committing to a life of abstinence and sobriety. Completing a program at one of the halfway houses in Oregon will mean nothing if you do not stick with the plan of staying off drugs. But if you are sure that this is the right time, call us at +1-844-678-7386 or email us at for an addiction-free life.


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