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South Carolina, a southeastern US state has gained prominence for its extensive shoreline of beaches and marshlands. Besides its coastal beauties, it’s also known for the burgeoning of problems related to drug and alcohol consumption. The state has already witnessed the horrors of this opioid epidemic over the past few years.

How Halfway Houses In South Carolina Act As The Buffer Against This Crisis?

In a state of around 5148000+ people (according to the 2019 census reports), halfway houses in South Carolina have managed to save hundreds of otherwise derelict lives. Halfway houses in South Carolina proffer the right services to the victims who are suffering from problems like excessive drinking and substance use disorder.

Refurbishment of ruined lives due to addiction is no more a big challenge now, provided the addicts take a step towards the positive change they want to see in their lives.

Halfway Houses In South Carolina -in The Light Of The Exponential Growth In The Number Of Deaths Attributed To Drug Overdose

Over the last 5 years, opioid overdose deaths have risen to 33%. Currently, it has been found that the heroin death rate is the highest in South Carolina among the other US states.

Fentanyl is a prescription drug, 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, which according to NIDA (National Institute in Drug Abuse) is responsible for killing many people in South Carolina due to its overdose.

CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) claimed that 835 lives were lost in 2018 due to drug overdose. The figure in itself is quite horrifying. Although the number of deaths caused by prescription opioids and heroin dropped in 2018, the number of deaths caused by synthetic opioid continued to rise till date. It’s mainly imputed to the complex and altering nature of the epidemic.

Adults between the ages of 25 and 54 contribute to overdose deaths more than teenagers. Nevertheless, college-going students are also found indulging in binge drinking and deadly drugs. Talking about the addicts’ adverse plights, they become weak and disabled. Their bodies become dysfunctional and hence they are mostly found sleeping round the clock.

The ones abandoned from their houses keep wandering around the cities in pathetic conditions. Some pander to stealing and other criminal activities like homicide, drug peddling, and vandalism.

When at their homes, they create scenes and cause endless troubles to their families. They often commit domestic violence which leaves behind traumatic and overwhelming experiences in the lives of their family members. Especially children in such households take addictive substances to mitigate the sufferings they are chained to.

They are not oblivious to the harmful and cancerous effects of opioids and alcoholic stimulants on their health. They are prone to chronic mental diseases as well as debilitating physical diseases. The organs of their bodies- hearts, lungs, livers, and pancreas do not remain immune to such chemical dependencies.

The prevalence of HIV and hepatitis attributed to IDU (Injection Drug Use) are some of the incurable and lifelong diseases that have destroyed the lives of many addicts.

Abusers hesitate to seek help for the fear of getting lampooned and therefore they prefer living with their addiction. For some, coming to the light to receive proper treatment seem so intimidating that they often end their lives to evade running the gauntlets.

Suicides can be prevented provided addicts are introduced to halfway houses at the right time. Halfway houses in South Carolina are a boon to many. Addicts need to understand that endurance leads to a better tomorrow and not to an end. Hundreds of people are still fighting the battle against their addictions. You are wrong to think that you are the only fighter struck with this misery.

Functions Of Halfway Houses In South Carolina

Many people want to re-enter their communities but are struggling to find a way out. They want to restore their fame and health and lead a happy life again. Halfway houses have proved to be the best option for them.

The inmates of the halfway houses are supposed to follow the code of conduct. They need to follow various chores and help in the upkeep of the halfway houses. They are bound to abide by the rules or else they are deemed to get expelled from the halfway houses.

The patients, under the surveillance of trained staff and certified doctors make positive progress towards their clinical goals. Licensed drug abuse counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are also at the patient’s disposal. Patients undergo different stages of treatment, first being the detoxification process that is done soon after the diagnosis is done.

The second stage focusses on involving the patients in recreational, vocational, spiritual, and educational activities. Meetings, sessions, and orientations are held widely to instill confidence in them. The residential stay spans up to 2 to 3 months. If the induced problem is severe or complex or if the co-occurring problems exist, the period time may extend to a year or two.

The third stage demands the patients meet their counselors and doctors regularly. This is termed as the aftercare plans that are carried out by the halfway houses to prevent relapse or co-occurring mental problems.

Halfway houses in South Carolina treat patients with cognitive abnormalities. Behavioral therapies like CBT and individual counseling turn out to be the most effective means of treating patients with such issues. The halfway houses resort to some of the other programs like chronic pain treatment, partial hospitalization, first-responder programs, etc.

Takeaways You Ought To Engrave In Your Mind While Selecting A Suitable Halfway House.

There are thousands of halfway houses in America and quite a number of them in the state of South Carolina. Finding a halfway house that would meet all your requirements and expectations is quite challenging.

There is a slight difference between a halfway house and a sober living house. You may confuse between the two. Although both aim at helping you get rid of your addictive habits, they are different from each other in certain aspects.

A sober living house comes with a short-term residential program intended to do away with the addicts’ habit of excessive drinking. It impresses the importance of temperance and abstinence. Talking about the halfway houses, they are like the respite houses rendering professional help and treatment to those who are suffering from opioid and substance use disorder.

Privately owned halfway houses do not differ much from the ones run by the government. Both stand on the same footing in terms of the treatments and programs, only you need to see the quality of the services provided by them. You should avoid enrolling in an unlicensed halfway house.

Of late, most of the halfway houses have become gender-specific. It has turned out to be a boon to women. They can adapt and recover more easily in an all-female halfway house. This provision has also benefitted the adolescents and teenagers to a great extent.

Every halfway house provides its patients with basic food and accommodation facilities. However, if you want to savor the comforts of extra amenities you must remember that with that comes the extra expense to be forked out.

The cost of staying in a halfway house is equivalent to the fare of accommodating a normal house on rent. Different halfway houses have different monetary policies and therefore different payment options. Medicaid, Medicare, healthcare insurance plans, and sliding-scale fees are some of those options that could be availed of by the users.

You must avoid going into a halfway house that emphasizes more on advertisements than on the quality of its service.

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It’s advisable to collect ample information about the halfway house you plan to opt for and therefore we are here to lead you to the right path. We feel privileged to help you and people like you who are determined to renovate their lives despite the compelling force of the addictive demon within you.

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