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South Dakota is a sparsely populated Midwestern US state that takes pride in possessing Black Hills National Forest and Mount Rushmore. However, the state is not immune to the opioid epidemic, a curse to the state’s prosperity. No doubt it has crippled endless lives.

Halfway houses are a boon to the state. Halfway houses in South Dakota have always been the ultimate remedy for doing away with the addiction problems in the drug or alcohol abusers.
Some people are struggling to overcome their problems of addiction; and there some who want to see their loved ones in a better condition free from addiction.

Halfway houses in South Dakota are committed to lowering and gradually eliminating the risks of overdose from an addict’s life. It’s a supportive respite house that helps many in reclaiming their lives.

Drug Flare In South Dakota

Marijuana, black tar heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine contribute to the majority of the state’s drug supply. Lately, 25i, a synthetic hallucinogen has become a trending drug amongst teens and young adults. It’s a highly addictive drug of which fatal overdoses have put the addicts at a higher risk of overdose deaths.

Recently, a resurgence in a drug overdose in South Dakota is attributed to the drug trafficking organizations (DTO) that transports substances within and across the state lines. Drugs like methamphetamine and opiates like prescription drugs are primarily imported from Canada through private vehicles and trucks.

Judicial courts in South Dakota are strict and unforgiving. They penalize the drug peddlers for committing drug offenses like illicit manufacturing, producing, selling, transporting, and buying of potential drugs. The punishments include a few years of imprisonment and a steep fine.

Effects Of Drug/Alcohol Abuse

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) claims that approximately 72000 Americans died of an opioid overdose. In the past 10 years, the drug deaths augmented by 71%, i.e. from 4.9 to 8.4 deaths per 100000 people. As far as excessive drinking is concerned, the past year’s reports show that it got increased to 22% from 19%.

According to the 2019 data, 25% of the people who died of drug overdose belonged to the age group of 25 to 34 years while 23% of the people belonged to the age group of 45 to 54 years.
Drug and alcohol dependency can cause massive health risks with some of its most unpredictable physical side-effects. This can lead to potentially hazardous long-term diseases too. Severe and chronic mental issues add to the consequences.

NAS (neonatal abstinence syndrome) and NOWS (neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome) occur in pregnant women abusing synthetic drugs during pregnancy. HIV and hepatitis count under IUD (injection use drugs). Addicts often get afflicted with cancers in the long run. The organs and systems of the body get severely affected. Sometimes to an extent that recovery becomes almost impossible.

Addicts tend to show violent and erratic behavior. They are accountable for ruining the placid and lovesome ambiance of their families. Many a time, they resort to abusing and domestic violence and make their loved ones suffer endlessly. Members of such families often abuse drugs or alcohol to overcome their distress.

Addicts often resort to criminal activities like homicide, drug trafficking, recidivism, and vandalism. They often become kleptomaniacs, and as a result, they are called with different names like misfits, psychopaths, and cynics and are ultimately cast away by everyone.

Sometimes addicts suffer from depression and anxiety attacks so much so that they often commit suicide. Such steps could have been prevented from being taken had they sought help at the right time.

What Role Does Every Halfway House In South Dakota Play?

The halfway houses in South Dakota help addicts in reintegrating into society under critical care and support in a structured environment. Suddenly, restoring one’s lost dignity, fame, and health becomes easier once an addict gets himself enrolled in a halfway house.

The temporary housing facility or the residential reentry facility comes with a wide variety of rules and ethics to be followed by the patients. The length of stay is decided based on the recovery rate of the patients. The stay could be of 2 to 3 months or could even be of a year.

Drug and alcohol treatments are carried under the surveillance of trained nurses, certified doctors, licensed drug and abuse counselors, and experienced psychiatrists. The patients are strictly chaperoned by the staff. They get complete assistance and support from them too.

There is a variety of inpatient and outpatient services that are provided to the addicts. These services are meant to fit the recovery needs of the patient. However, the 3 staged service common in halfway houses in South Dakota is the cornerstone in the treatment of addiction.

Primary or the first stage deals with the diagnosis of the patients’ problems. Also, they are detoxified of the opioid through medical-assisted treatment (MAT).

Secondly, interactive sessions and orientations help the patients to open up into the society thus bringing about a change in their lifestyles. They are often taught about the vocational, spiritual, educational, and recreational skills that help them in making a transition from a halfway house (temporary house) to a permanent living house.

Outpatient programs are carried out in the third stage with the motive of keeping a close check on the patients’ co-occurring mental or addiction issues. Preventing relapse becomes important for which aftercare plans are impressed upon the patients. For that, patients are expected to meet the counselors regularly.

Therapies include CBT, rational behavioral therapy, etc. Sessions on anger management and contingency management are held out vigorously. Medical first responders are permitted to carry naloxone, antagonist medication, with them to keep a check on opioid overdose.

You need to hold on till you have won your battle. Giving up is easy but fighting back demands courage and determination.

Things You Need To Keep Yourself Abreast Of While Making The Right Choice

You’ll find the job of singling out an apt halfway house quite onerous. The task becomes more exacting once you get to know that South Dakota is an abode to numerous halfway houses, let alone the sober living houses and rehab centers.

You can find an ideal halfway house in South Dakota for yourself only after assessing some of the most important aspects. Additionally, you need to see your primary needs and basic requirements to reach a final decision.

It completely depends on you whether you want to go for a privately run halfway house or the one run by the government agency. Apart from the two, there are few non-profit halfway houses too which may or may not meet your expectations. Accordingly, you need to choose one out of the hundreds.

There are halfway houses in South Dakota that are committed to providing critical help to either only women or only men. These are in short, gender-specific halfway houses that encourage speedy recovery with adaptability as its key feature. It has been seen that for teenagers too, separate halfway houses are being set up in South Dakota.

To some extent, the extra facilities provided by some of the halfway houses in South Dakota have proved conducive to convalescence; which demands additional expense. However, the quality of the treatment provided by each should be a matter of concern.

The cost of the temporary stay that one needs to bear is not much. It’s just affordable. You can only avail of the monetary aids if such payment modes are acceptable by the halfway houses. Like some accept the option of Medicaid and Medicare while others simply don’t. Some even permit the utility of the state-funded insurance plans.

Not to mention, you need to be aware of the advertising policies of some of the halfway houses that work wholly for their vested interests.

What’s Next?

Nothing could be more satisfying than you recovering from the deadly and debilitating grip of addiction. You can save yourself from the same only if you take the right step in the right direction. The present moment calls for you to take the step.

Before selecting a suitable halfway house in South Dakota for yourself, you need to go through the relevant and germane information. And for that, you need to go through the tedious job of rummaging out the authentic details of each halfway house. To save you from this cumbersome job we are here to aid you with our tool.

Our online directory is the very tool we are talking about, which contains the listings of every halfway house present in South Dakota. It contains the necessary information and honest reviews which could help you in making the right choice without even giving a second thought.

If you are still unsure of your decision of enrolling in a halfway house then do call us on our toll-free number +1-844-678-7386 and speak with our experts your heart out. Also, you can contact us via email to attend the call of the hour.

The least we can do for you is to guide you to the right halfway house, and we cannot help you unless you help yourself. Kindly seek proper assistance before moving ahead.

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