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Tennessee, a southeastern US state although surrounded by 8 states, with Appalachian Mountain dominating the eastern part and Mississippi River bordering the western part, the state remains unguarded from the ferocity of the opioid epidemic.

Halfway houses in Tennessee, therefore, emerged out as the panacea. Halfway houses in Tennessee provide access to the drug as well as alcohol treatment programs. Those suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) must take advantage of these halfway houses unhesitatingly.

Halfway houses in Tennessee promise to save innumerable lives that are otherwise getting ruined under the penumbra of addition. They are committed to rescuing people who have lost hopes in their lives and are heading towards committing suicide owing to the lack of self-confidence and professional aid on a bigger picture.

Why Halfway Houses In Tennessee Are Must-reach Destinations For Many?

According to the annual report of 2019, published by the United Health Foundation, it was found that Tennessee ranked 38th among all the states of the US in terms of a drug overdose.
In the past ten years, drug deaths increased to 58% from 15.4 to 24.3 deaths per 100000 populations. In the past year, excessive drinking increased by10% from 14.3% to 15.7% of adults. Also, around 20.7% of adults pandered to smoking in 2019.

Maximum overdose deaths recorded involved adults age 45 to 54 years. Men’s statistics show double the rate of drug overdose deaths compared with women, though the rates have been increasing for both men and women.

Teenagers, in the name of experimenting new things, get into drug and alcohol indulgences and end up in turning to druggies or drunkards. Oftentimes, it gives rise to binge drinking, bullying, and teenage pregnancy.

Fentanyl and heroin are the most widely misused drugs in Tennessee. However, Fentanyl, a synthetic drug is many times more potent than heroin. An anti-anxiety prescription drug like benzodiazepines is also consumed by many.

Talking about an addict’s condition, drugs and alcoholic stimulants take a toll on their physical as well as mental health so much so that they fall prey to some of the most hazardous diseases.

Misusing drugs can lead to many other significant and chronic health issues like HIV, a sexually transmitted disease (STD); tumors and cancers; heart attacks; neuropsychiatric dysfunction like depression, anxiety attacks, schizophrenia; cognitive dysfunction, etc.

In a study, it was found that adverse childhood experience (ACE) had a link with illicit drug use in adulthood. That is, traumatic pasts can lead a person to chemical dependency.
Many perpetrate domestic violence at their homes; they abuse and torture the members of their families under the influence of intoxicating narcotics. In this way, the deep root of family love gets severely shaken and at times, it also gets uprooted from the core.

They even engage in criminal and unlawful activities like homicide, delinquency, vandalism, drug trafficking, and kleptomania. For committing such crimes, they are either sent to jail or are charged with heavy fines.

For many, coming to light is no less than running the gauntlet and hence they choose to keep mum, not revealing about their plight to anyone, only to let their lives devastate more. However, one must know that his/her problem would remain unsolved unless they choose to go for any rehabilitation program.
Halfway houses in Tennessee offer the service to all such people who are willing to renovate their lives despite still being clasped by the chains of addiction. You’ll soon come to know the wonders of the halfway houses once you enroll in one.

You’ll witness how gradually your craving for indulgence is whittling down, having once fancied it with utmost vigor and passion. Remember, you aren’t the only one longing for a better and bright tomorrow instead of the dark world you once used to cherish blindly.

The Objectives Of Halfway Houses In Tennessee

It has been stated by the health departments of Tennessee that more deaths are caused due to drug overdose than motor vehicle crashes.
A spike in drug overdose has also given rise to an unprecedented number of overdose deaths. The health department has already issued alerts on this spike which is mainly ascribed to the misuse of heroin and fentanyl.

If you feel that you are one of those addicts who need immediate help, then you have come to the right page. You will eventually find a way out since you have already covered half the way to your destination, a must-reach destination.

When it comes to reclaiming one’s life, an addict is solely responsible for taking the needful steps. Halfway houses can never turn up for you unless you seek help from it and that said you need to understand that the step taken today will change your future for good.

Halfway houses in Tennessee provide a residential remedy to the helpless addicts who face fear, anger, guilt, shame, and anxiety daily. One gets critical support and right guidance essential to refurbishing life, in a halfway house. In short, a halfway house is a respite house that allows the addicts to reintegrate into society after having defeated their biggest enemy, addiction.

Undertakings Of Halfway Houses

The length of stay in a halfway house is decided based on the seriousness of the patients’ problems. The period time could be that of 30 to 60 days or sometimes of a year or two. Till then, the patients must abide by the rules and regulations of the halfway houses, maintaining decorum and propriety at the same time.

The three-staged addiction treatment program assures full recovery to every patient who enrolls in any of the halfway houses in Tennessee.

The primary stage involves the diagnosis of the patient’s problem and the detoxification process. Some of the psychotherapeutic treatments too are provided to the patients. Most of the detoxifying centers in Tennessee provide alike service to the addicts.

In the secondary stage, several sessions, group meetings, and orientations are held to create an interactive environment for the patients. In this way, brotherhood and comradeship among the inmates are established.

Also, the patients are required to attend the various training classes on vocation, education, spirituality, fitness, and recreation. This stage focusses basically on helping the patients in re-entering the society by fostering confidence and courage among them.

Generally, the tertiary stage refers to the outpatient programs that are carried out to prevent the chances of relapse or co-occurring mental issues. The patients are expected to visit the doctor intermittently.

It goes unsaid that every halfway house hires licensed doctors, certified psychologists and psychiatrists, and experienced counselors. The trained staff provides 24×7 assistance to every patient struggling with addiction and problems related to it.

What All Things One Needs To Keep In Mind While Picking And Choosing From Several Halfway Houses In Tennessee?

It truly is pretty challenging to single out a halfway house satisfying your needs and requirements.

There are licensed as well as unlicensed halfway houses; private as well as government-run halfway houses that take the charge of renewing a patient’s life. The quality of service provided by it should be the deciding factor in choosing a halfway house for oneself.

It has been found that gender-specific halfway houses are showing greater results of recovery, especially in the case of girls and women. For men and teenagers too, such arrangements are available. Such halfway houses bestow a sense of security and comfort to the addicts which are conducive to their recovery rate.

You will also have options for staying in a halfway house that facilitates its patients with additional amenities. Such luxuries can make you feel more comfortable, no doubt, but the quality of the treatment provided remains unaffected.

Every halfway house has its policies and set of rules. In terms of payment mode too, every halfway house differ widely. Some grant financial aid and some accept state-funded insurance. Other options include Medicaid and Medicare. However, despite the availability of various options, you must see to your preferences.

Here is a piece of advice for you, you must avoid going into conspicuous halfway houses that have made advertisements as their propaganda tool.

Imminent Steps To Be Taken

We know that sometimes taking a difficult path demands courage and determination which may at times, would result in the breakdown of forbearance, thus we are here to strengthen your grit to help you win the battle against addiction.

You can use our online directory for reference which contains the listings of some of the most renowned as well as underrated halfway houses in Tennessee. The details provided here are precise and authentic with non-generalized reviews.

If you want to speak with our experts and get the clarifications done before opting for any halfway house then do contact us on this phone number: +1-844-678-7386. You can also send us a mail on We assure you of your identity’s confidentiality, so feel free to approach us.

You have got the full right to lead a happy and healthy life and compromising on any of the factors may debar you from this very right, therefore think wisely and opt rightly.