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Utah is one of those American states in which the amount of drug abuse went from fairly low to suddenly very high. The authorities were not prepared enough for this and they were not able to check it in time. As a result, there was a sharp spike in not only the number of admissions to halfway houses in Utah but also that of drug-related deaths in the state.

Drug trafficking has become a major problem in Utah, and drugs come pouring in from the North, North-west, and South-west. Even though the cases of home-grown drugs have decreased, the drugs trafficked in has more than made up for the deficiency. Besides trafficking, prescriptions have also posed a serious problem.

Unfortunately, there has not been much increase in the number of halfway houses in Utah. Way too many people are left untreated and become victims of crimes or overdoses. But the lack of sufficient opportunity for rehabilitation has left them without the treatment they so badly need. It is not just due to the way people look at drug addicts but also because of the low number of rehab centers in the state.

The only hope that the people and government of Utah can have of seeing an improvement in the situation is to build more halfway houses in Utah, educate the people about the need for treatment, attempts to dispel the stigma around addiction, and providing more funds to the existing treatment centers to ensure that they can give the proper treatments necessary for their patients.

What Is The State of Drug Abuse In Utah?

Of all the people who get admitted to halfway houses in Utah, the overwhelming majority are men. During the 90s, most admissions to rehab centers were for alcohol as the primary substance of abuse. But, as time went by and the millennium turned, the use and abuse of drugs increased to take up most of the percentage even as alcohol abuse decreased. The adolescent and young adult age groups were most affected by drug use.

The drug that saw the sharpest spike in abuse was methamphetamine. Meth labs were very common back in the early 2000s and contributed to much of the drug in the state. But over the years, home-grown labs decreased in number as trafficked drugs took over. Amphetamines and stimulants like meth take up the top spot in halfway homes admissions.

The next biggest problem is prescription drugs. Utah has one of the highest rates of opioid prescriptions at 57.1 in 2018 compared to the national average of 51.4. This seems to be the major source of the non-medical use of prescription drugs in the state. In fact, Utah is one of the top states for the non-medical use of prescription drugs.

This has led to the increase in the use of street drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates as people get addicted during the prescription period and once it is over, they seek to find quick fixes elsewhere. Heroin use has been increasing greatly over the last decade as the cheaper and more accessible alternative to prescription drugs. Marijuana use is seen to be most prevalent in the age group 12-17.

What Makes A Halfway House In Utah The Right Solution?

When a person is suffering from severe addiction, they no longer remain aware of the damage they are causing themselves in the process. They are only obsessed with the high that the substance gives them. Without the drug, they feel extreme physical and mental pain. They come to depend entirely on the drug itself.

It is almost impossible to get out of this state by yourself or with the help of family or friends who are not trained in the rehabilitation process. Moreover, de-addiction treatment requires medical intervention most of the time, which non-medical staffs are not qualified to provide. Addicts need a proper treatment plan with full medical, physical, and mental support to be able to get rid of their addiction entirely.

That is where halfway houses in Utah come in. They have the resources, knowledge, and personnel to help you through the rehabilitation process in the right way. They will not only give you immediate treatment for the urgent issues you are suffering from but also give you long-term support in staying addiction-free.

It is true that the government is doing its best to curb drug use in the state. But only passing a few laws will not work. It might stop drug entry into the state to an extent, but if the demand remains, people will find a way to smuggle it in.

The only way to truly tackle the drug problem in Utah is to kill the market from the inside. By giving treatment to the people who need it and helping them recover, you not only reduce the usage of drugs in the current afflicted population but also prevent future generations from coming in contact with it. This can only be done if the treatment facilities and halfway houses in Utah are given more funding and power.

How Are Patients Treated In A Halfway House In Utah?

Rehabilitation of drug addicts is not a process that can be restricted to a single operating protocol. Each patient is different, with separate problems. Treatment must be provided according to their needs and issues for it to be effective. But, as with any treatment process, there is a basic procedure that must be followed and it is done in the halfway houses in Utah too.

This starts with an initial consultation to determine the addiction problem of the patient. Expert doctors and therapists diagnose the patient and draw up a suitable treatment plan to follow. The first step of this is invariably the detoxification process. In this, the patient is given medical therapy to neutralize the drug in their body and help them adapt to living without the drug.

The next process is the treatment for any physical and mental ailments that the patient may have contracted during the years of drug abuse. Drug addicts often suffer from heart and lung ailments, kidney problems, liver diseases, nervous disorders, spastic problems, etc. Those who have a history of injection drug use may even have contracted HIV.

Besides that, mental disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, and more are common in addicts. These need to be treated to ensure that the patient is getting a holistic cure for their problem. They may even have to relearn the social skills that they have lost.

Group therapy is usually recommended as it is proven to give better results. The recovered addict is tutored in important life skills like cooking, cleaning, washing, taxes, budgeting, and maintaining a home. They will also be helped with vocational training so that they can earn and live independently. After release, they need to come in for regular therapy sessions as part of the outpatient program to ensure there is no relapse.

How To Make The Right Choice Of A Halfway House In Utah?

Choosing the right one among the halfway houses in Utah can be daunting, knowing that the wrong choice can destroy the life of a person. But the right choice can save a person and start them off towards a healthy and wholesome life. The entire future of the person depends on the choice of halfway house you make.

People will be tempted to admit their loved one in the most highly rated or costly halfway house in the state. But, more often than not, a starred or pricey place does not mean good treatment. This is because whether a treatment is effective for a person or not depends on the nature of the treatment itself.

Instead of going over the ratings, recommendations, and price tags, we advise you to check the exact offerings of the place in terms of treatment facilities, resources, and the expertise of the staff. You can talk to them too to understand if their treatment methodology will suit you.

But if you want some extra help, you can always get in touch with us. We have our own addiction experts who can hear your problem and diagnose you informally to help you pinpoint which halfway house would be the right one for you. We have extensive knowledge regarding what kind of treatment each halfway house provides and would do our best to utilize it to help you.

But if you want to make your decision by yourself, then you can go through our exhaustive directory that lists all the halfway houses in Utah. Each page contains all the details you will need to help you come to a decision regarding the right center for you.

What Would Join a Halfway House in Utah Mean for You?

A halfway house can effectively help you only if you are willing to be helped. That is why you need to stick with a treatment plan if you want to return to a life of normalcy. And we are more than willing to help you. Just call us at +1-844-678-7386 or write an email to us at and we will ensure that you find the right halfway house in Utah to help you.

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