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Halfway House In Vermont

Vermont is mostly known for its beautiful natural surroundings and cozy locales. It seems to be a peaceful region with friendly locals. Yet, Vermont hides a dark secret in its homes – drug addiction. For years, its people have been suffering from severe substance abuse problems and not getting enough treatment for it.

Drug dens have popped up all over the state where people go to do drugs. Often, they will also sell drugs or act as the drug mule to raise money for their own supply of drugs. This has resulted in people, especially teenagers, from even the good neighborhoods to get addicted to drugs.

Unfortunately, there are hardly enough halfway houses in Vermont to help the overwhelming number of people suffering. As a result, not only is the condition of the people already struggling with addiction getting from bad to worse, more and more people are also getting addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Law enforcement is struggling to keep up with the rate at which drugs are being distributed and used across the localities. They are trying their best to bust drug dens and catch traffickers, but it is not enough. Unless the people themselves are aware of the problem and participate in coming up with a solution, nothing done will ever be enough.

Halfway houses in Vermont can contribute greatly to the process by assisting addicts and families and giving them guidance as to how to stay away from drugs. By providing rehabilitation to the people in need, these rehab centers and halfway houses in Vermont not only restore the life of the addict themself but also prevent further spread of addiction through the state.

How Is Drug Abuse A Problem In Vermont?

Since the 2000s, Vermont has seen a rising percentage of people involved in illicit drug use. In 2008, 11.64 people were reported as abusing drugs compared to the national average of 8.02. Even in 2006, Vermont was one of the top states for a variety of drug and alcohol abuse statistics. Its percentages were especially high in the age groups 12-17 and 18-25.

The drugs most commonly abused in Vermont are opiate prescription drugs. Despite the rate of opioid prescriptions in Vermont being lower than the national average, they are the most cited drugs during admission to halfway houses in Vermont. They often give way to the abuse of heroin and synthetic opiates among the people.

In recent years, the use of heroin has increased by leaps and bounds in Vermont. From 2013-14 itself, there was a 64% increase in the use of heroin. Along with synthetic opiates, heroin is the biggest killer in Vermont due to drug overdose of opioids. Overdose deaths due to prescription drugs may have remained steady, but the contribution of these two is enough to raise the overall numbers.

The second most abused drug in Vermont in marijuana. The younger population was the most badly affected by marijuana addiction. The most affected age group was found to be 12-17, followed by 18-20, and then 21-25. Other drugs abused in Vermont are cocaine and meth.

Alcohol addiction is also prevalent in Vermont. Alcohol addiction is seen both as the primary issue as well as in conjunction with a secondary drug. Binge drinking was highly reported among the youth. The largest increase in alcoholism was seen in the age groups 12-17 and 18-25. But the age groups with maximum sufferers were still 46-50-year-olds and then, 41-45-year-olds.

Why A Halfway House In Vermont Is The Best Idea?

It is quite clear that just law enforcement is not enough to curb drug abuse in the state. It has already been tried but did not seem to yield the desired results. While preventive action is definitely necessary, unless implemented in conjunction with curative measures, they will never be fully effective.

This means that besides preventing the production, entry, sale, and use of drugs in the state, the state will also have to fund the construction of more halfway houses in Vermont. They will have to make the existing more capable of providing treatment. Unless the existing addicts are treated and rehabilitated, drugs will find a way back into the state.

But the halfway houses in Vermont can help the addicts get off of their addiction and reclaim the life and health they deserve. Not only that but by moving addicts onto the path of recovery, they are also indirectly preventing a lot of new people from falling into a life of drug abuse. Slowly but steadily, halfway houses help clean up the society from the roots.

Halfway houses in Vermont treat the patients not only for their addiction but also for any associated problems that come with it. These houses provide holistic treatment to the patients and follow up on them meticulously to ensure that they are not reverting back to a life of drugs.

Moreover, if left untreated, many addicts will one day go too far and may become victims of overdose and death. Too many lives have already been lost in Vermont due to overdose deaths. The numbers have shown a sharp rise in recent years too. It is for this very reason that halfway houses are going to become an important part of the fight against addiction in the coming years.

How Do Patients Receive Treatment In A Halfway House In Vermont?

Every patient in the halfway houses in Vermont receive treatment according to a personalized plan based on the exact problem they are facing and their personal needs and preferences. However, the basic sequence of treatments remains the same, which has been shown to be the most effective and logical one.

A patient must first come in for a preliminary consultation so that the doctors at the treatment center can understand what their exact addiction issue is. Based on this, a treatment procedure is proposed that would best suit the patient. The addict is immediately started off on a detoxification session. Detoxification is a medical treatment to remove the drug from the body of the patient without causing withdrawal symptoms.

This is followed up by a comprehensive treatment for the physical diseases that the patient might be suffering from as a result of their addiction. The most common areas affected are the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, renal system, digestive system, nervous, system, and more.

People also experience dulled senses, slower reflexes, slurred speech, muscular wastage, and similar problems. Injection drug users may also be affected by HIV. The halfway house treats these problems to the best of their capacity.

The patient will also almost certainly be suffering from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and paranoia. These must be treated using extensive therapy for the patient to return to a better state of mind. Group therapy is recommended for better results, especially in preparation for assimilation back to the community.

If the person is an adult, they will also be taught essential life skills like managing their finances, cooking, cleaning, commuting safely, and so on. They might be trained in vocational skills so that they can have their own job. Once released, the patient will be kept under watch through regular therapy sessions with them.

How To Find The Right Halfway House In Vermont?

Looking for the right halfway house may turn out to be harder than you think, especially if you are not very informed about treatments and facilities offered in these places. When browsing through halfway houses in Vermont, do not be lured by great reviews and ratings. These are based on personal experiences of the people and may not suit your particular problem.

Do not be swayed by price points either. Not all that glitters is gold. Similarly, not every expensive rehab program is bound to be good. What you must be vigilant about is the kind of treatment the halfway house is providing. Research well from the website of the center as well as external sites before making your choice.

If you are not sure about something, you can always call us. Our experts will attend to your problem and use their vast knowledge about the halfway houses in Vermont to help you figure out which one will work for you the best. We can even put you in contact with them and guide you through the admission process.

Otherwise, if you are confident in your judgment, you can check out our exhaustive list of halfway houses yourselves. We list every halfway house, and deaddiction center there is in Vermont and add all the details you need in the individual pages to help make your choice wisely.

How Would Joining A Halfway House In Vermont Help You?

Halfway houses in Vermont are equipped with resources and staffed by addiction experts who know the best way to handle the issues faced by people who are suffering from substance abuse disorder. They are the best people to help you out. You can call us at +1-844-678-7386 or mail us at if you need our help in choosing the right halfway house for you in Vermont.

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