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Halfway House Sober Living Rehab Treatment Center Facility Washington DC

The opioid crisis has surged drastically in Washington DC, the capital of the US, over the past 20 years. Each day, more than 130 people die of opioid overdose in the US and Washington DC ranks third in the US in terms of drug overdose death rate.

Responding to the same crisis sincerely, the halfway houses in Washington DC have come out as the best remedy for addiction problems. Halfway houses in Washington DC are making positive efforts towards reducing these cases of overdose deaths over the past few years.

Halfway houses in Washington DC are still trying hard to curb the exponential growth of the serious problem i.e. opioid epidemic, if only people took the responsibility of getting their as well as their loved ones’ lives changed by discarding the drug or alcohol addiction.

Chemical Dependency- A Threat To The Washington DC

The number of deaths involving synthetic opioids has skyrocketed while the number of deaths involving prescription opioids has declined in Washington DC. The latest statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 2 out of 3 overdose deaths inset an opioid.

Heroin and fentanyl are predominantly used in Washington DC. Also, it has been found that people dying of an opioid overdose have surpassed D.C.’s homicidal rates.

Drug or alcohol abusers are very much vulnerable to chronic as well as fatal diseases as the dangers and risks of using opioids are many. It ensues in the malfunction of the body’s various systems. Malignant tumors, incurable HIV, and deadly hepatitis are some of the most hazardous diseases that an addict may get afflicted with.

Neuropsychological dysfunction includes anxiety attacks, depression, hallucination, somnambulism, and insomnia. It has been out that even pregnant women get greatly affected by drug consumption. Health deterioration is common in every case.

Assaulting and abusing, mentally and physically, the members of the families as well as other people become the habits of the abusers. As a result, there has been a spike in the number of cases involving divorce, domestic violence, and mental harassment. This often tears apart the families and leaves the addicts in a much more deplorable condition.

Abusers lose their jobs and after spending quite an amount of money on drugs, they go bankrupt. To meet their monetary needs, as they turn homeless after causing enough chaos, they turn to steal and burglary. They either commit suicides or show homicidal tendencies. They often perpetrate immoral and illegal activities

Ultimately, they are called by different names like a maniac, misfit, thief, etc. Latching on to the unlawful activities, it only adds to their criminal or mischievous records.

Some find it too scary to admit their vulnerabilities in front of someone. They often get misguided by the demons within them and often end up committing suicide. Such scenes could have been evaded had they received the right guidance, support, and assistance at the right time.

Why Is A Halfway House In Washington DC Important For People Suffering From Substance Use Disorder?

People who have had a traumatic past or ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) show greater tendencies of falling for addiction. Experiences could be of sexual assault, domestic violence, abusive parents, getting bullied and lampooned by others, etc.

Such people often recourse to addiction to alleviate their sufferings but they fail to understand the sheer fact that such methods would never set them free from either their past or the addiction. It only adds up to their losses.

Chemical dependency eventually turns a person into a puppet or a breathing corpse. It takes away the vibrancy from their lives and leaves them bereft of love, relationships, families, jobs, health, and happiness.

Subsequently, refurbishment, reclamation, restoration, resurrection, and re-establishment become the buzz words for many. Some, yet again take another path to escape this adversity by committing suicide while some desire to bring a change in their lives.

One should know that where there is a will there is a way, and therefore, he or she can surely win the battle against addiction.

How Does A Halfway House In Washington DC Work?

A halfway house is a temporary residential program that offers permanent treatment. It is a 30-60 days program, however, if the problem of chronically relapsing disease persists, then the patient is bound to stay there for one year.

It’s more like a system where one is supposed to adhere to the set of rules and regulations as prescribed by the halfway house, he or she is staying in. One needs to perform daily chores which include cleaning and maintaining the house.

Gradually, the patients start to mold themselves into a new and healthy lifestyle thus making a move towards long-term sobriety.

One need not worry about the doctors and counselors responsible for carrying out the treatments since most of them are certified, qualified, and experienced ones. Additionally,
psychiatrists and psychologists also attend to the patients.

The inpatient programs are divided into two stages. In the first stage, the patient undergoes the diagnosis and detoxification process. Also, greater emphasis is put on providing buprenorphine or methadone based medication-assisted treatment since it suppresses the cravings in the addicts.

The second stage focusses on efforts to reducing opioid use in an individual by attending to his or her underlying mental and emotional pain. For this, various group sessions and seminars are conducted for the patients.

It’s only in the second stage that the patients are taught to lead a healthy life by following a disciplined routine. Regular exercises, healthy diets, spiritual awareness, vocational teachings, learning skills like taxing, and financing are some of the areas in which the patients are required to work diligently.

Regular check-ups and after-plans form the outpatient program wherein co-occurring or withdrawal symptoms are closely looked after. In this way, a patient, after passing through all the stages of treatment, recuperates for good. He makes an admirable comeback in the society and sets an example of ‘it’s never too late to mend’.

They regain confidence and respect after disposing of their addiction problems. This is how they become successful in wrestling against the crisis sincerely.

Some Takeaways To Be Kept In Mind While Selecting A Halfway House

If you are searching for an apt halfway house in Washington DC that would suit your needs and requirements then you need to remember some of the points while choosing one. Chances are you may end up enrolling in a good-for-nothing halfway house if you don’t stick to these points.

Look for a halfway house that would provide you with extra amenities if it’s charging you with extra cost. You will enjoy the comfortable life there but see to it that the quality of treatment and assistance provided are the best.

You need to decide for yourself whether you want to go for an all-gender halfway house or the ones providing entry to either only male or only female. It’s seen that the environments in gender-specific halfway houses provide a greater scope of fast recovery.

Amongst the private and government-run halfway houses, the only thing you need to be careful about while choosing one is that it should be a licensed one i.e. approved by the health department of the state.

The mode of payment has always been a point of concern for many. You just have to see to the point that you are capable of bearing the expenses offered by the halfway houses. You may avail of the insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and sliding-scale fees as provided by the halfway houses.

You will also come across a few halfway houses that would try hard to entice you with their gimmicky policies in which they have their vested interest. Be aware.

How To Go About It?

We dispense help to those who seek it. We know that after mustering courage you have come to this page just to find an easier and safer way to reaching the ultimate destination i.e. a proper and apt halfway house in Washington DC.

We proffer you our online directory of halfway houses in Washington DC. The directory contains all the names of the halfway houses with their respective information. We have collected every bit of the information from reliable sources so that you may not have any trouble doing the job on your own.

We also ensure the patient’s confidentiality which is our priority. Hence, one should not be tensed about his/her identity being exposed to the world. We are here to help you in your fight against the addiction.

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