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Halfway Houses In West Virginia

A state in the Appalachian region of the US, West Virginia is the epicenter of the drug overdose deaths. The state has the highest overdose mortality rate over the last few years. Besides, there is a steep increase in the graph depicting the overdose deaths.

Halfway houses in West Virginia actively participate in rescuing the lives of many along with the state health departments. Halfway houses have also been successful in reclaiming many lives.

Halfway houses in West Virginia are those remedial houses that cleanse the addictive proclivities found in the addicts. The opioid crisis has already taken a toll on the state at large, hence it’s high time people need to act sincerely and vigilantly.

Harmful Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Consumption

In 2018, almost 41 people died a day from a prescription opioid overdose. It nearly totaled to 15000 deaths that year. According to the reports, the rural population was affected more than the urban one.

Opioid-involved deaths touched every gender, class, race, and age group. Nevertheless, it has been found that more males died of drug overdose than females.

It has been stated by the CDC that synthetic opioids have been the chief driver of overdose deaths in West Virginia though there has been a heroin break-out in the state too. Those suffering from opioid use disorder are given the medication of methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone.

Addicts are prone to chronic physical diseases like convulsions, cardiovascular collapse, hyperthermia, lung disorders, kidney complications, liver and brain damage, and tumors. HIV and hepatitis are also caused due to the usage of infected injections. NOWS & NAS affects those pregnant women who abuse drugs uncontrollably.

Some significant neurological ailments include anxiety attacks, hallucinations, insomnia, schizophrenia, dementia, etc. In short, their mental and physical health deteriorates appallingly.
Drug and alcohol abusers often assault their loved ones and family members on a physical as well as emotional level. Domestic violence, divorce cases, and mental abuse have shattered many families. Children in such families often follow the footsteps of the addicts in their families who in turn become druggies or drunkards in the future.

Druggies become penniless after spending money on drugs incessantly. As a result, they get involved in illicit and unlawful activities like homicide, burglary, drug trafficking, recidivism, and thefts. They lose moral values and resort to unfair means to meet their needs.

For committing such crimes and errors they are abandoned by their families and society. People refuse to accept them and call them with names like a maniac, misfit, psycho, etc. They go through the shameful remarks as well. They are boycotted and forced to live a deplorable life.

Chicken-hearted addicts commit suicide. It could have been prevented had the addicts known about the redemptive paths of undoing one’s mistake. Everyone should enlighten addicts about the halfway houses in West Virginia.

Why Should One Enroll In A Halfway House In West Virginia?

Many people go through intimidating experiences in their childhood which leave behind a deep and debilitating impact on their lives. They become victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and bullying so much so that they isolate themselves from everyone leading to lonesome lives.

Gradually as they grow up, their wounds worsen and they find an alternative to escape their plight. They fall prey to addiction. They don’t realize it then that later on, they would be suffering from much greater losses.

However, few teenagers indulge in drugs and alcohol merely to have fun or to experiment with new things in their lives. Eventually, they become binge drinkers and get involved in destructive activities. Teenage pregnancy, bullying, and undisciplined conduct are some of the dreadful outcomes.

As time passes, the addiction problem intensifies to the extent that addicts get mentally paralyzed. Addiction overpowers their minds and bodies and they are left helpless.

Halfway house is that ray of light on the horizon that guides the addicts in the right direction. It gives every addict a chance to reclaim their lives. It fosters hope and confidence in them and makes them realize that life could still be lived beautifully with the scars as they are the symbol of resurrection.

Know About The Modus Operandi Of Halfway Houses In West Virginia

Halfway houses come with their ethics and rules to be strictly followed by the patients. Disobeying the rules and regulations would only lead the patients to get expelled from the house. Normally, it is a 30 to 60-day residential program; notwithstanding, some patients are bound to stay there for a year keeping in mind the seriousness of their conditions and the complexity of their addiction problems.

Patients learn how to defeat their addiction by following productive ways. Gradually, they succeed in renewing their lifestyles and mindsets towards life.

You need not worry about the doctors and psychologists who would be there to attend to your problems since they all are generally qualified and experienced. There would be drug abuse counselors who would tend to your vulnerability and help you at an emotional level. Besides, trained staff would always be at your disposal.

The inpatient program consists of medication-assisted treatment with the detoxification process although the patient is first diagnosed with his or her problem. A strong emphasis is given on the use of naloxone. All of the aforementioned treatment methods come under the first stage of the addiction treatment program.

The second stage of the treatment focusses on making the patients fit enough to re-enter society. It highlights the interactive orientation programs that are held frequently in a halfway house. Patients are taught sundry skills. Participation in spiritual, vocational, professional, and recreational activities helps them in healing fast. They are often sent on trips and for shopping to help them in socializing with people.

The tertiary phase deals with the outpatient programs that consist of after-care plans and regular check-ups. These help in preventing co-occurring chronic or even mild issues. Once the patient leaves the halfway house, he or she is required to visit the doctor regularly to ensure a full recovery. Several other treatments are provided to the patients ranging from myriad therapies to special medications.

What One Must Never Forget While Choosing A Halfway House In West Virginia?

When it comes to selecting a halfway house from a pretty wide range then you must need to be very careful and alert. One wrong decision can dump you into a horrible halfway house or one right decision can lead you to the right one.

You ought to keep this in mind that the halfway houses promising additional provisions often demands additional fare. Some want extra luxuries apart from the basic requirements that include food and accommodation. Accordingly, they pay for it. However, if you want to keep things simple, you may not opt for such expensive halfway houses.

You also get the choice to enroll in a one-gender halfway house i.e. a halfway house permitting residential stay to either only male or female. This facility has often proved helpful in fast recovery since the patients find it easy to adapt to a structured gender-specific environment.

There are private, government-run, and not-for-profit halfway houses dispensing services. Amongst these, only a few are licensed or approved ones. Choose a licensed one.

Another aspect you need to take into consideration is the mode of payment offered by each halfway house in West Virginia. You’ll find that only a few will accept the Medicare or Medicaid option since most of them accept direct cash. See what you can afford.

This is more of a suggestion that you need to follow- do not get taken in by the luring policies of some of the halfway houses, that advertise and trap patients to make money.

How To Go About Now?

We feel privileged to help those in need willing to change their bad habits i.e. setting themselves free from the throttling grip of addiction. If you are trying to find a way out of the dark world, you’ll surely get one here. Hence, here we are, with our helping tool.

The helping tool is our online directory that comprises of all the halfway houses’ information in West Virginia. Not only does it contain the information but also the authentic and honest reviews that will help you in assessing an apt halfway house for yourself.

Talking about confidentiality, we highly respect the privacy of the seekers’ identity. This ensures that addicts approach us for help unhesitatingly. They may feel insecure while making a decision, and that we don’t want the case to be.

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It’s always good to get rid of your qualms if you are fraught with any. You should never compromise on any of the factors which may lead you to a bad experience. Therefore, consult and go ahead with a positive attitude.

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