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Halfway Houses in Wisconsin

A Midwestern US state, Wisconsin abodes numerous plains, rivers, lowlands, and lakes. Not to mention, it abodes numerous people suffering from substance use disorder or opioid use disorder. Therefore, it would have been an anomaly if there were no halfway houses in Wisconsin.

Halfway houses in Wisconsin have taken up the initiative of making the state immune to the opioid epidemic. Halfway houses in Wisconsin have taken the charge of helping out the helpless ones who are struggling to fight against addiction.

Consequences Of Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

The horrors of the opioid epidemic are rather sinister. Moreover, the outbreak of the current pandemic has worsened the situation to an extent that the statistics of drug and opioid death has skyrocketed suddenly.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services had issued a database according to which it has been found that people age 25 to 44 years featured the highest proportion of binge drinking. Owing to the same, Wisconsin ranks second in the nation for adults taking to binge drinking.

According to the aforementioned database, the rate per 100000 people, of all opioid death in 2019 was 20.4 for males and 10.0 for females. It’s mainly attributed to the overdose of prescription drugs like oxycodone, a synthetic opioid, etc.

Talking about the addicts’ condition, it’s out and out deplorable. Doped with some of the most potent drugs, they become prone to injurious falls and vehicular collisions. They keep wandering in the roads and streets, stumbling and tripping out unconsciously.

Druggies and drunkards start to grow distant from their families and loved ones due to their love for alcohol and drugs. Some who had gone through traumatic childhood experiences repeat the same pattern in their adulthood, i.e. they too abuse and torture the members of their families thus trampling the stability of their families.

For such people, recidivism becomes a ritual. Homicides, illicit drug trafficking, kleptomania, and causing damage to public and private properties are some of the examples. As a result, they are abandoned by everyone, society at large, with a tag of maniac, misfit, or sociopath.

Addicts are highly vulnerable to fatal diseases. Both short-term and long-term diseases are potent enough to take away countless lives. Consumption of excessive alcohol and drugs can make you mentally paralyzed. It doesn’t take much to finally figure out the seriousness of the disease he or she is afflicted with.

Ranging from malignant tumors to chronic mental diseases like schizophrenia, dementia, one is bound to lose much, in terms of health and wealth that goes into the treatment. Impairment of motor and cognitive abilities is common; symptoms of anxiety and depression do not remain unknown; high probability of heart failures and lung dysfunction; and of course, it goes unsaid that in dire case death becomes inevitable.

Although only a few show willingness to redeem their mistakes of pandering to addiction, they often fail to resort to the right ways. From the fear of getting exposed to the world, they begin to demean themselves and show suicidal tendencies.

It’s quite challenging to do away with one’s addiction which has already shaken his/her life expectancy to the very core. Such people think that there is no hope of living a worthy life. They need guidance and support. And, especially for these kinds of persons, the halfway houses in Wisconsin have always proved to be the best option to go with.

No doubt, on some days you’ll find yourself at a low ebb when you would most likely get swayed away by the negativity and desperation.

Your inner demons would try hard to egg on you so that you may give up on the idea of perseverance only to embrace chemical dependency once more. However, you need to keep this in your mind that it’s not what you might be considering as letting go of certain things. It’s called accepting your defeat even before having begun the fight against the evil, addiction.

What Role Do The Halfway Houses In Wisconsin Play?

Experimenting drugs for the first time and then falling prey to the same has become common among the teenagers but still, people of all age groups succumb to the dark world’s pleasure. They destroy their lives knowingly as well as unknowingly. Curbing this trend has become a matter of utmost concern.

Seeing the alarming conditions, the state department of health has tried educating people about drugs, opioids, and chemical stimulants. Awareness programs are being carried out on the state level and many such other monitoring programs are held in the name of impressing on the importance of abstinence and temperance.

Rehabilitation has become the buzz word in the present scenario. Taking into consideration the debilitating and insidious effects of opioids on countless lives, a lot of campaigns are being run in the name of reclaiming lives. Sober living houses, respite houses, rehabs, temporary housing, etc. are some examples that are following the drive.

Halfway houses however have rolled in as one of the best solutions to the rising problem. It’s an all-in-one service provider that promises to bring a sea change in the lives of many.

A Clear Picture Of The Working Of Halfway Houses In Wisconsin

One can easily enroll in a halfway house in Wisconsin without worrying about the guides or mentors who would be providing them with the right treatment. Drug abuse counselors, certified doctors, and experienced psychologists take the reins in their hands and help the patients in renewing their lives.

In a temporary stay of 30 to 60 days (or in some cases a year or 2), the patients are supposed to live a disciplined life under the observation of nurses and staff. In such custody, the patients are bound to comply with the rules and regulations of the house.

The patients need to undergo a three-staged treatment program. Primarily, getting diagnosed and detoxified; secondarily, being taught about the different ways and methods of re-entering into the society through interactive sessions and orientations, which also includes the undertaking of spiritual, vocational, and recreational activities; thirdly, they are made to avail of the benefit of aftercare plans along with the view of curbing the chances of relapse.

The service-rich structured environment is just perfect for recovery no matter the severity of the problem.

Selecting One From A Gamut Of Halfway Houses

You need to remember these takeaways while selecting an ideal halfway house in Wisconsin.

Don’t just go by the extra amenities provided by any halfway house because that calls for extra expense to be borne. Also, not always do these add-ons help one in pulling through which otherwise promises to only provide you with comfort.

You need to select for yourself whether you would like to enroll in a private or a government-run halfway house, nevertheless, you must prefer licensed ones to unlicensed ones.
Amongst myriad halfway houses with their own set rules and facilities, you must opt for the one that guarantees quality treatment to its patients. The number and modus operandi of treatments differ widely from one halfway house to another.

Nowadays, patients can avail of the gender-specific halfway houses for easy adaptability and fast recovery. It has especially turned out to be a boon for women. Inmates develop friendship and comradeship very easily in such an environment, which is an added benefit to the process of attaining a clinical goal, i.e. recuperating positively.

The payment mode or option is different in every halfway house in Wisconsin. At some halfway house you’ll need to pay in cash while at some you can avail of the Medicaid and Medicare.
Again, it depends on you and your requirements.

You need to keep in mind the caveat that some halfway houses exhibit advertisements to lure patients for their vested interest.

What Now Shall You Do?

We try hard to reach out to every addict who is suffering from the enormity of addiction. We want to uplift them from the dungeon they are living in. We are here to guide them to their destination.

If you have come here searching for help, then you are on the right page and it’s highly appreciable that you took the initiative in reclaiming your life. Therefore, we want to see you land up at a halfway house that would suit your needs and requirements.

We provide you with our online inventory that consists of the listings of every halfway house in Wisconsin. You’ll find the authentic reviews of each halfway house here. Also, you can gather every bit of information about the one you wish to choose.

And of course, you don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed to the world. We keep things confidential so that you may not feel embarrassed. Call us on +1-844-678-7386 to get the first-hand counseling from our experts and get your doubts cleared immediately. You may even email us on and get your queries answered.

We have already gone through every detail to help you in the process of singling out a halfway house.

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