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How You Can Stay Sober this Holiday season

How You Can Stay Sober this Holiday season

Posted on: November 23, 2021

Even if you’re living in a halfway house, the holidays are that time of the year where everyone gets to share happiness and spend time with their families and people they love even if it is virtual, a phone call, or in-person. Whether you’re preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, it is typically filled with decorations, music, traditions, and large delicious feasts. However, for some of us, the holidays can bring pain and unpleasant memories. It could mean unsolved family conflicts, grief, loneliness, more substance abuse, and relapse. If you’re in a halfway house, you have support and are getting help to avoid relapse and overcome addiction. 

It is easy for people who struggle with addictions to get overwhelmed by the memories and emotions, leading to overdose or ending their sobriety. In addition, some people feel unloved and unhappy during the holidays. Emotional mishaps are expected during the holidays and can cause a massive wreck to people already struggling with addictions. Here, you will learn a few ways to get help and stay sober during the holidays in a halfway house.

1. Working out regularly: Researchers have found that a healthy lifestyle can be critical to most people’s sobriety. So take out time this holiday to work out as well as you can. Start with simple exercises and slowly push your body and mind to more rigorous workout routines. Don’t just start and stop; cultivate a workout habit, learn to use a good amount of your time for yourself. It is proven that these healthy habits are beneficial to building the foundations of a successful recovery from addictions.

2. Eating Healthy: We’ve heard it over and over – you are what you eat. Change your diet to healthy choices and help support your body through stress. A healthy diet supports your workout plan and gives your body some needed nourishment. In addition, it can help keep your mind calmer and set you on the right track to continue sober living. Enjoy a healthy meal with your fellow halfway housemates.

3. Meditate: There are so many benefits to meditating. So many people don’t understand that meditating helps manage stress and can be an essential coping skill. Meditation has been a form of therapy for years and is still as effective today as centuries ago. Finding the right meditational routine can be a game-changer for your sobriety. Find and connect with others in the halfway house interested in practicing meditation and start a meditation plan. Meditating has helped countless people escape relapse and will remain an essential tip for people looking to stay sober this holiday season.

4. Prayer: No matter your faith, praying can help you effectively manage stress and find calm in your life. Find like-minded people in the halfway house or virtually who can support and pray with you and for you. Prayer has also helped countless people continue holding onto sobriety through the holiday season.

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